Trakke bag review.

Trakke hand-made waxed cotton bumbag, perfect for travelling

On our recent trip to Copenhagen, I spent a lot of time people-watching. The city is awash with stylish people and minimalist style is really popular; pared-down clothes, neutral colour palettes and lots of New Balance trainers to cope with the cobbles and paving underfoot were commonplace and things that I love to wear too, so I felt really at home.

One of the other things I noticed a lot was the presence of bum-bags. Slung over shoulders, across chests and around waists, they were everywhere. No, I don’t know about you, but I felt the bum-bag was firmly consigned to the annals of fashion history. But they looked really comfortable and stylish, not to mention practical, so soon I was peering into department stores on the hunt for my own.

Margot and Barbara blog: Trakke bags are perfect travelling companions.

Coming home empty-handed, I was then surprised with a parcel a few weeks later. My lovely boyfriend had bought me a bumbag as a thank you gift for arranging our trip. And not just any bag – a Trakke bag. Black waxed cotton, with tan leather zip-pulls and the most beautiful stainless steel buckle and slide, it’s just perfect. It’s got a nylon webbing strap that will extend so I can sling it across my chest, Copenhagen-style, or around my waist and has two pockets so is surprisingly roomy. And I’ve used it every day since I was given it.

Margot and Barbara blog: Trakke bumbag is perfect for travelling and outdoor adventures.

Trakke bags have been on our wish-list for a long time now. My boyfriend and I are both big fan of their stylish, timeless design and their ethos of everyday adventure fits mine to absolute perfection! They’re hand-made in the UK and use as many British materials as they can so not only are they gorgeous, they also have an immaculate ethos. I’m thrilled with my first Trakke bag. I’ve used it out on walks, at the allotment, in the city. It’s going to be a treasured companion, which is how I think of my most well-loved pieces of clothing and kit. I know it’s going to wear really well and look great as it ages and absorbs all the memories of use. Well worth the investment, as I’m confident it’ll last forever. A firm new member of my travel and adventure kit for definite!



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  1. Cerys says:

    the bum bag is back! whodathunkit?! It suits you x
    Cerys recently posted…{around here} Heledd Roberts PhotographyMy Profile

  2. Annie says:

    You pull it off missus nicely! And thank you – I have been lusting over the Harris Tweed Krukke and a yurt on their website now!!!
    Annie recently posted…Photos of HydrangeasMy Profile

  3. Claire says:

    Ooh, loving that bumbag! Thank you for introducing me to this brand, I’m off to take a look… Lots of love x

  4. Ooh I like this, I am in search of a new bag I need something more robust. Looks good on you

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