Lyndon: A Special Request

I’m fortunate to be friends with many amazing people. People who have seen me through the darkest of times and made me laugh during the good ones. One of them is Lyndon Marquis. I’ve known Lyndon since I made the fateful decision to give him a job nearly a decade ago and he’s been driving me nuts ever since.

He’s incredibly talented, with an often rather too-close-to-the-bone sarcastic wit, an unrelenting pedantry when it comes to grammar (so this post is probably irritating him no end…) and an eclectic taste in culture. He’s the person I turn to when I need someone to listen to my problems, share a pint or two or give me a gentle punch on the arm when I need to pull myself together. I’ve got countless ‘mix tapes’ he’s made for me over the years; the highlight of one of those was opening the door to the postman as the lyrics ‘kill him, kill him, just f**king kill him’ reached an alarming crescendo. The look on the postie’s face as he tried to decide if I was harbouring homicidal maniac tendencies will stay with me forever…

Lyndon’s also the person responsible for my new-found love of fantasy and science fiction, through gifts of books that I decided to read out of politeness and then couldn’t put down. His own writing, both fiction and non-fiction is just gorgeous. He’s far more talented than I will ever be. Just don’t tell him I said so, his ego is big enough already. I’m joking. Honest… Underneath all that sarcasm is one of the best people I’ve ever had the good fortune to call my friend and I love him dearly.

Alongside trying to educate my music and literary tastes, (and everyone else’s now he’s been allowed on the radio!) cooking up a storm or sharing his vinyl with Record Club, Lyndon spends much of his time outdoors, walking and climbing in our glorious countryside.

This week, Lyndon fell during a day’s scrambling and climbing in the Lake District. Thankfully, he’d followed the correct procedures and so when he didn’t call back in to say he was home, the alarm was raised. He was found some hours later by the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and airlifted to hospital, having suffered from multiple injuries.

I’m one of many, many friends who have wanted to DO something to help Lyndon. It’s really hard when you want to help, but cannot. We cannot make him heal any faster, although I’m sure he’ll appreciate a whip-round for a bottle or two of very fine gin when he’s feeling up to it. But for now, we can say thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been and will be involved in his rescue and recovery. And a special thank you to Keswick Mountain Rescue Team for their search and rescue of our friend. We are grateful beyond measure.

Lyndon raised money for Mountain Rescue himself earlier this year, but now it’s our turn to do it on his behalf. And to start our fundraising off, our wonderful mutual friend Ewan is running the Abbey Dash in Leeds this Sunday. So, if you can spare a few quid, we’d hugely appreciate it.

The link is HERE

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