The Good Things #2

Hello and welcome to The Good Things, my weekly linky celebrating the things in life that bring happiness.

Happiness means different things to everyone. Whether that’s climbing a mountain, baking a cake, spending time with family, travelling somewhere exciting, a gardening or environmental success, visiting a new restaurant, a great outfit post, or your experiences of learning something new, The Good Things is a linky for everyone.  For me, happiness is found in the everyday things. It’s about taking notice of the small things and practising gratitude for the life that I have. So, I will join in by writing about something that’s made me happy each week; My Good Thing…

I’d like to thank all the wonderful people who joined in last week. I was so nervous about trying it, but you came and joined me, and I am massively grateful. You are all SUPERSTARS.

If I’m honest, I’ve had a tough week. My car failed its MOT and I failed to realise how much I relied on it (mostly for the school run) until it wasn’t there. My little boy has chicken pox and so is off school, although he seems to be relishing it! And, although I’m incredibly proud of him, I miss my lovely boyfriend, who has now been away a month on his cycle tour.

However, this is exactly the right time to be looking for the good in the everyday. It’s easy to find great stuff when you’re having an awesome time, it’s harder to stop and appreciate the smaller things when you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself. So, this post has come at the perfect time for me to realise just how lucky I am.

My Good Thing #2 : The roses.

Or, or more specifically, the smell of the roses. I’m a walking cliché this week, it seems. Because my car has been off the road for nearly a week, my kids and I descended on my parents’ house and got help from them in getting to school and back. They have been my saviours and I’m massively grateful.

While I was mooching around feeling sorry for myself, I bent to smell these roses, cut from my mum’s garden. Because that’s what you do with roses, isn’t it? It’s automatic. Put a rose in front of me, and I’ll bend to smell it. And I’m so often disappointed. The roses you find in big shops just never smell. I know that they’re grown en masse, and forced to ensure a year-round supply in massive quantities, but it’s always, always a disappointment to me that they never have a fragrance. One more reason to support small British growers!




The roses at my mum’s house smell though. They smell how a rose should, with a rich heady, warm perfume. And they smell of nostalgia. Of making rose-petal perfume, and concocting witches’ brews with mud and leaves stirred in a pot. They smell of my childhood summers and of all that is good in my world. Daft, really, that these roses, with their long-forgotten names should stir up so much emotion. But they did. And they made me realise, that actually, everything is going to be alright…


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The Good Things

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  1. dave says:

    I’ve added my link (I think!)…
    dave recently posted…RosesMy Profile

  2. Becky A says:

    You know the best things about this linkfest – I’m starting to look for Good Things to blog about and I see them everywhere 🙂
    Becky A recently posted…6 months keeping pigsMy Profile

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