Folkings Go North: a blogger weekend.

  Folklings is a wonderful collective blog, filled to the brim with beautiful imagery, slow living, and utter gorgeousness, founded by Annie Spratt. And for some reason, even though I’m the worst contributor, she still lets me in the gang. … Read More

Beautiful dahlia photo by Annie Spratt.

Being open to love.

As I’ve recently mentioned (in a pretend-casual kind of way) in other posts, I’ve been dating someone. I’m biting my tongue not to share more about it, but it’s in that awkward early stage, where you’re not quite sure whether … Read More

Beautifully fragranced tea lights from Essence & Alchemy

Essence + Alchemy candles.

When we’re not all soaking wet under damp grey skies, Autumn and Winter bring so many joys. I love kicking my way through piles of rust coloured leaves, an allotment pumpkin harvest, Hallowe’en and Guy Fawkes Night. Then as Winter … Read More

Letting go of my birth story guilt.

Yesterday was a strange anniversary for me. It was my daughter’s birthday.  A time of huge celebration, obviously. But the anniversary of one of the hardest days of my life. A few days before my daughter was born, I was … Read More

Margot and Barbara blog. A return to old blogging.

Returning to an old way of blogging.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed something of an accidental shift in subject matter. In my head, Wednesdays have become ‘Over-Sharing Wednesdays’ … When I first started writing my blog, roughly five years … Read More

Why my whole life isn’t a mess.

So, here’s today’s truth. I feel good. Really, properly good. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat good. Not much has changed, in the grand scheme of things. But yet everything has … I’ll try to explain. Throughout the recent few months, … Read More

Margot and Barbara blog: self portrait

Rethinking forty.

I shall be forty in June. You know this already, of course, because I’ve been rattling on about turning forty, since I turned–ooh, I don’t know–about thirty-five. And I talk about forty as though it is ninety. OHMYGODFORTY. Like that. … Read More

Beautiful home grown apples

Renewing my allotment vows.

  Just over a year ago, I dug up four apple trees, put them into a Nissan Micra and drove them across Leeds. I’m not sure I recommend it–the lack of visibility when driving with four small trees in your … Read More

These women…

Although it’s been away from our screens for a few years now, I still love The West Wing very much. One of the main reasons why is the brilliantly written women characters. The women of The West Wing are real. … Read More

Pretty pink tulips in Amsterdam

Falling in love with Amsterdam

Last weekend, I fell in love with Amsterdam. It’s so much more than I expected it to be. If you think of Amsterdam, what comes to mind first? Canals, perhaps? Tulips? Anne Frank’s house? Or perhaps you think of red … Read More

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