German Friendship Cake: part two

So, I promised that I’d tell you what happened when I finally baked Herman the friendship cake. After 9 days of living with the mixture bubbling away in the kitchen (because you can’t put it in the fridge, otherwise you’ll … Read More

Fashion Maths: my best successes.

Let’s play a game of fashion maths. Everyone knows fashion maths, don’t they? It’s the cost of an item, divided by the number of times you wear it, which gives you a cost-per-wear figure. The lower the cost-per-wear, the better … Read More

German Friendship Cake: part one

Last week a lovely friend gave me a small amount of bubbling cake mixture in a little pot, together with a page of instructions. This was Herman, my German friendship cake. After something of a tricky start – he nearly … Read More


So, my doctor says I’m suffering from stress. Surprised? No, me neither. I have a full time job, with plenty of pressure and not enough resources, and two small children. Oh, and there’s still a hole in the house roof… … Read More

Happy Halloween!

When you live with small children, Halloween is basically one long sugar-fest, interspersed with a bit of craft and dressing up. May I present a selection of this year’s offerings… If, after consuming too much sugar (in the form of … Read More

Facing my fears in London.

There are many cities in this country that I know very little. I’ve visited them all, but it’s been for work, so I know the well-trodden route between train station and office, and not much else. Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle … Read More

Slow Living.

On Sunday morning, I sat on the sofa and watched my children play together. Not a big deal, you might think, but actually for me it was. Usually, they play (or fight) while I am moving about the house, trying … Read More

Quernus Margot and Barbara

I am very happy to introduce you to a Quernus version of Margot and Barbara, made for me to celebrate the launch of this blog by the very talented Kirsten of Quernus Crafts. As usual, the attention to detail given … Read More

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