Use your time well.

So, September came and went rather quickly, didn’t it? And with it, my least productive month on the blog for ages and ages.

Despite the dust that’s gathering here, I’m working hard. I’ve been having meetings about my grand plans for an event next May and it’s all starting to look like it might actually happen! Which is incredibly exciting and utterly terrifying. Huge thanks to Kay at Alacrity Imprinted (and at Cheery Little Thing) for her work and wisdom so far.

Apart from that, we’ve been settling back into a ‘normal’ life after Stephen’s travels and I’ve been working hard in my new job. Juggling a challenging full time job and two small children has given me a wake up call about how little time I actually have to do all the things that I want, so I’m trying really hard to focus.

One of the things I’m making time for is reading all of the Do Books. You may have heard of The DO Lectures, founded by Clare and David Hieatt. The Do Book Co. is their brainchild too. I’ve just finished DO/Purpose, written by David (in part because of my event, and in part because of another project) and it’s wonderfully inspiring and useful. I’ve got pages of frantically scribbled notes to work through now!

One of the points he raises really struck a chord—not just in relation to business, but to life as a whole—and I’ve been thinking back to it a lot. It’s not a new realisation, but he is very direct and it’s stuck in my head.

‘Each day you’re given 86,400 seconds from the ‘Time Bank” … Time is your biggest gift. Indeed, it is more valuable than money as you can make more money, but not more time. But there is one simple truth: your time is limited. And one day you will go to the bank and it won’t have any more for you. And it will be at the exact moment that you will know the answer to this simple question: Did I use my time well?”                                                                                              David Hieatt, DO/Purpose.

So, am I using my time well?

Hmm … I do spend time on things that many people would consider to be a waste —though time spent enjoying yourself is never really wasted and I think that play is essential–I take photos for my Instagram account, have recently spent ages looking at Hallowe’en costumes for Blythe dolls on Etsy and will happily while away an afternoon mooching round a bookshop.

But I also want to make the things happen that are really, truly important to me, deep in my heart, not just playful distraction.  I want to be with the people I love. And to play with my children, instead of just nagging about homework. I want to create a beautiful, productive allotment. I want to travel and experience new things, read more books, go for more walks. I want to DO more, and OWN less. To explore my own creativity. And I’m going to devote more time to developing two projects that WILL happen. And hopefully, somehow, there will be enough time to write the odd blog post to share with you!

What would a life well spent look like to you? And are you living it now? 

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  1. dave says:

    I definitely want to spend more time on important things than, say, messing about on Twitter. My daughter wandered into the study yesterday and asked why I had a guitar if I never played it. I said I didn’t have the time, to which she gave me a very pointed Look, and wander off.

    Smart cookie, that one.
    dave recently posted…Winter is comingMy Profile

  2. Manneskjur says:

    Hmmm that’s an interesting question, one that leads on to me asking myself ‘why?’

    I mean I’m very happy and content pottering along doing my own thing and I often ask myself why I’m not not more motivated and wouldn’t I be better off spending my time doing more worthwhile things. But I can’t help it, I like things as they are.

    Manneskjur recently posted…Nature Seekers #5My Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      I do like a bit of a potter around myself too… I think I’m getting more concerned about not wasting time because I’ve set myself a couple of specific goals and I don’t want to not achieve them because I’ve not spent my time more wisely!

  3. I think the thing is to be deliberate. Sometimes wasting time on trivial things is fun, as long as you’ve actively chosen to spend time on that. It’s when you have a quick check something on twitter and then 3 hours later you’re somehow still there that you think ‘curses!’
    Ruthy @ Minibreak Mummy recently posted…Why Kate Bush made me cryMy Profile

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