Why now is a great time to be a multipotentialite.

Last Monday I shared with you a few notable signs that you might be a multipotentialite and today I’m going to tell you why I think that NOW is a great time to be one!

Books for multipotentialites

New ways to learn.  

From short day-long courses, to Open University degrees, via online learning and mobile phone apps, there are SO many new ways to learn these days. I’m going to list a few of my favourites in another post, but suffice to say, if there’s something you want to learn, there is probably a way you can do it around your other responsibilities. Learning just for the sake of it is exciting enough for a multipotentialite, but it can also be helpful when it comes to getting skills needed for career changes.

Opportunities for short term contracts.

More and more organisations are employing people on short-term, fixed contracts rather than permanent roles. This especially applies when projects are created and delivered using grant funding, which is always time-limited. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys change, this kind of working will suit you really well. Starting new projects is always more exciting for multi-passionate folk than doing the same thing forever.

Freelance careers. 

As well as short-term contracts, many companies are out-sourcing work to freelancers. The nature of freelance work is often shorter term, and juggling several different projects at once, so it’s a way of working that really plays to the multi-passionate person’s strengths.  Not only can you work as a freelancer, but ‘location-independent’ freelancing is becoming more common, as technology allows you to work from anywhere with a wifi connection. Even if that is generally rather less glamorous than it sounds, a few people really have made this work and now specialise in working whilst travelling the globe…

And as far as security goes, Emma Cossey has reassured me that a freelance career can provide as much security as an employed position. You’re only one notice period away from losing a job, after all, and a freelancer often has more than one client at once, meaning that if they lose one, there are others still around to help pay those bills.

Macbook Pro, multipotentialite


‘New’ kinds of work.

 As multipotentialites love to learn, they’re quite often early-adopters; first to learn new technology. This means that they can position themselves as experts. New media is a great example of a way in which multipotentialites can create a role for themselves within their organisation.

Portfolio careers. These are great for multipotentialites. They’re really just a fancy way of saying that you do several things part time, instead of one full time job. Those part time roles can be completely different, giving you the chance to try several careers at once, or completely different jobs at the same time. I’d really like to do a part time practical job and a part time writing job; that’d be a dream portfolio career for me!


Blogging is a great hobby or career for a multipotentialite. Bloggers need to understand lots of different things, from SEO to photography. If you’re blogging as a career, there is also the need to understanding marketing, accounts and PR. And that’s before we even think about the writing content and specialist subjects of your blog!

As the world, for a variety of reasons,  is again becoming more open to the idea of people having more than one career, changing jobs, or switching directions, now is a great time to embrace being a multipotentialite and taking advantage of your strengths in a changing world.


For more mulitpotentialite resources and support, I really recommend Puttylike.




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  1. Becky A says:

    I remember feeling quite relieved when I read Barbara Sher’s book – I think it was called What Do I Do When I Want to Do Everything? I suddenly felt that all my tendencies to get super interested in a million and one things was actually ok!
    Becky A recently posted…A Frugal, Green and Self-Sufficiency Round UpMy Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes! It’s my ‘bible’ – it was the first time I’d heard of it too, after a friend gave me a magazine article about it, saying ‘I think this is about you!’…

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