Dear … feet (April Love #3)

Dear … feet,

Saltwater sandals, Chanel Dragon nail polish, feet


I have a confession to make, feet. Until this week, I thought you were a size smaller than you actually are.

I realise that by now, I should know this kind of thing. I mean, it’s a well-known fact that many women wear the wrong bra size, but shoes? Shoes we’re supposed to know. But I didn’t. I’d convinced myself that the reason all my footwear hurt was because of my toe.

Remember that, feet? That day when someone was really mean to me, and I didn’t stand up for myself. Instead I waited until they’d gone, kicked a chair in absolute frustration with myself and broke my big toe. Now, that was a lesson in standing up for myself. And now it’s healed with a immovable bump where the joint is. Which rubs on my shoes … when they’re a size too small.

Sorry about that.

Having thought it over for a week, it seems that wearing shoes, trainers, walking boots that were all a bit too small, might have contributed to quite a few of my ongoing foot problems. And that the reason my Saltwater sandals fit perfectly is because I was advised when I bought them to go up a size! Being gifted a pair of bigger trainers after my own pair turned my toes a bruised purple was like a lightbulb going on. Albeit a rather dull, embarrassed, flickering lightbulb. I’m not very good at being a grown-up, sometimes…

I plan to rectify that now though, feet. I’m getting new walking boots, a size bigger, and I have new trainers. I even bought a solitary pair of actual shoes this week (also a size bigger…) which is where the realisation that I could, in fact, wear shoes without my toes hurting really sank in. I’m definitely moving up in the ‘being a proper grown-up’ stakes.

So, thank you for all that you’ve done for me. Thank you for rooting me in the earth, and sometimes, quite literally, in the sand. Thank you for carrying me across cities, mountains, along running routes and after my children. Thank you for helping me balance in yoga, dance badly in the kitchen, and always, always, take me where I want to go.

I promise to try harder to look after you better in return. And to continue to make sure that your toenails are always painted Chanel Dragon red. It’s the least I can do…



6 Responses to Dear … feet (April Love #3)

  1. ann says:

    My feet went up a size after I had my daughter. Luckily I realised before too long. I always do go up half a size in trainers though and I also go a size up in boots to allow for thick socks and my broad calves. At least you should be pain free in the feet department from now on.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes! I wonder if it’s that for me too? I was told to go up a size in trainers (and went from a five to a borrow pair of size sevens!) I think I’ll need at least a size bigger in walking boots too. It’s definitely an expensive lesson, but one that’s definitely worth it!

  2. Cerys says:

    in the words of Del Boy “Rodney, you plonker!” 😉
    Cerys recently posted…Good Friday at the beachMy Profile

  3. This post made me smile – even the bit about your breaking your toe. Sorry, I’m a terrible person 😉
    Gemma Garner recently posted…Tidy home, tidy mindMy Profile

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