Crafting with Carpetright

I find it really easy to say that I’m going to try and be more creative. To make more time for exploring different arts and crafts and to learn – finally – how to use a sewing machine. But putting that into practice is much harder. Life gets in the way. Work, family, other priorities take over and I end up putting the creative, playful things to the bottom of a never-ending list. And then I do the washing up. Again…

What I’ve realised, as I work through my monthly plans for a nourishing year is that what I need is to make appointments for myself. To book in time for creativity, like any other appointment, and then stick to it. No, I can’t force myself to be creative, but I can at least clear some space, which is surely a start. I’ve just had a change in my working pattern approved, so in the future there will be more space but more on that later.

When the chance came up recently for me to join a group of other bloggers and turn my hand to a spot of craft in Chirpy – one of my favourite places – of course I said yes. A proper appointment for myself to be a bit playful, chat with some other bloggers, and get covered in glue and paint. Then eat cake from Sunshine Bakery. Perfect.

Chirpy store


Given that the event was being organised on behalf of Carpetright, I knew that we’d be working with carpet, and I’ll admit, I was a touch sceptical about how well that would turn out. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see how versatile it was as a material, especially in the hands of my workshop companions, all of whom were far more creative than I am! Our teacher, Miriam Laville, had created some pieces already for us to gather some ideas from, which really helped me to get started. Using a great piece of silver-grey carpet, a zinc pot and some glue-on sequins, I made a little personalised planter for my daughter, intending for her to plant some seeds in it. However, she’s decided to use it by her bedside for ‘small important things’ and who am I to argue with that…


Crafting with Carpetright

Cheery Little Thing at Crafting with Carpetright

Cupcakes, Crafting with Carpetright

I’m always going to be in favour of upcycling, reusing and finding new purpose for things and this was a great way of showing me that with a bit of imagination (which is a mental muscle of mine that regularly needs exercising) I can make something fun out of things that would have otherwise gone to waste. Now I’m busily looking for other ways to repurpose things that might end up in the bin.

Thanks to the folk at Carpetright, Miriam Laville, Harriet at Chirpy and my utterly lovely blogger companions from Kat got the Cream, Cheery Little Thing ( my model in the photo above!) and Mathilde heart Manech for a really fun event.

PS: I discovered on the day that offcuts of carpet from Carpetright are also given to cat and dog homes for bedding. This makes me very happy. Nice work, Carpetright…

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Great to meet you finally and you’re right, the only time I get to do anything creative is in a workshop like this when you’ve allotted a proper time to yourself with no other distractions. Looking forward to more and hope to see you again soon!
    Kathryn recently posted…Adventures in beauty: trying out HD browsMy Profile

  2. Lisa says:

    It was great fun and really lovely to meet you! I’m definitely up for more workshops, crafting at home leads to too many other distractions! Hopefully we’ll catch up at more locally, will keep my eyes peeled xx

    • Elizabeth says:

      It was fun – I’d definitely like to catch up with you again one day!! More workshops sounds like a great plan xx

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