The Do Book Co: book review

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about my Do Books for ages. Clearly I need to take the advice of the Do people and erm … do it. Ahem. Sorry.

Anyway, now actually feels like the perfect time to review them, because they’re currently sitting at the top of an important pile of books – my ‘To Keep’ pile.

I’m moving house again. The current thinking is that I may move up to three times in the next three years. Just call me The Littlest Hobo (only don’t sing the theme tune at me unless you want to see me cry).

Even though I’ve been keeping to my minimalist ‘One In, One Out’ rule with novels, and giving plenty of books away over on my Instagram account, there are still a lot of books in the house. Together with all my possessions, they are receiving critical scrutiny as I decide whether each thing is worth packing up, putting into temporary storage and then moving with me again and again. As space is limited, everything has to prove its worth. And yes, sometimes that worth is sentimental – I don’t want my minimalist home to be stark and cold – I just want the things around me to matter to me, not be clutter that’s kept in a mindless accumulation of STUFF.

The Do books that I have proved that they are worth their weight in gold, so they’re safe from being shipped off to the charity shop. Very, very safe.

The Do Book Co make great books to turn you from a thinker into a doer!

Great books from The Do Book Co: perfect for helping you get your next project underway.

I have four Do books; Disrupt, Story, Improvise and Purpose

Each of them has been read over and over again. They’re battered from being carried around in bags and on journeys. There are scribbles in them; ideas and questions. I know friends of mine will shudder at the mere thought of battered books, but with me, it generally speaks of love and a deep attachment to the book in question. (Unless it’s a first edition Jill book, which is a different story altogether!)

On one long train journey with Do Purpose, I started with a blank notebook and after hours of thinking and furious scribbling, ended up with a business plan for a tiny skincare company that will have a positive, ethical core and a charitable relationship built into the business model from the start. And I’ve made a start on putting my plan into action: properly doing it instead of just planning, hoping and wishing, which for me, is a huge leap. Watch this space for more!

I use the books to steer my thinking at home, but also at work. It can sometimes be hard to find clarity at work, to be brave enough to ask questions, or challenge accepted ways of getting things done. But these books have helped me see the wood from the trees. They each have a big heart – which I appreciate might sound like an odd word to use, but I stand by it. I’ve learnt so much from them. And the brevity of them means that you’re not stuck in a mire of theory, but instead steered into action.

I bloody love them.

You probably know this already, but the Do Book Company was created by the same people as the Do Lectures. One day, I shall raise the funds to apply for a place at Do, but for now, the stories shared on their website and via their newsletter are a firm source of inspiration. And, they’ve recently announced Do Membership too, which feels like an excellent place to continue my learning. That, and furthering my collection of Do Books, which I intend to continue with Do Lead…

Get your hands on Do books HERE.

Find out more about The Do Lectures HERE.
Do you have any Do books? Which is your favourite? And what has it supported you to do? 

3 Responses to The Do Book Co: book review

  1. Mummy Plum says:

    These books sound great. I’m in need of some inspiration right now and am definitely going to order the story one. I hadn’t heard of the DO movement – had a look at their webaite and looks really interesting. Thanks so much for sharing this – and look forward to hearing about your skincare project too.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hello there! Yes, I really recommend them all – you’ll find lots of inspiration on the DO website, plenty of films to watch and stories to read. I hope you enjoy the books as much as I do! x

  2. Dave says:

    I’ll have to check them out, they sound wonderful!
    Dave recently posted…Ink – Written By HandMy Profile

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