Printing my photos with HuggleUp.

Digital minimalism is something that often crops up in our discussions at Leeds Minimalist Group. From over-flowing work emails to managing important documents without forgetting a myriad of different passwords, there are many frustrations that we all share. One of my worst problems with digital minimalism is photographs.

The onset of digital photography means that I take masses more photos than I used to. When each shot meant the use of one valuable exposure on a roll of film, or one Polaroid, I was definitely more frugal with my output. Now, each click of the shutter button merely means a bit of digital space is taken up and I’ve ended up with thousands of photos, some of them pretty much indistinguishable from each other! Then, all of those images are stored in iPhoto or Dropbox. Now I’m getting emails; your iCloud storage is at capacity, your Dropbox storage is at capacity—BUY MORE STORAGE!

But actually what needs to happen is a photo cull. A giant clear-out of all those duplicate images and the removal of any that don’t make the grade. My photography is about capturing memories and telling stories. And the most important of those are with with my children. I tend not to use photos of them here because it’s not really what my blog is about, but they are at the heart of my life and the photos of them are the ones that matter the most.

So I’m deleting all my duplicates, all the photos that are meaningless, badly taken, or don’t add anything to the story of my life and then I’m celebrating the ones that do by printing off hard copies. Acquiring more stuff might seen to be the antitheses of minimalism, but for me it’s absolutely right. Minimalism is about only keeping the things that you love, so I was really happy to try HuggleUp’s photo printing service. It is exactly what I was looking for—a chance to print some of my favourite photos of the kids to display in our home instead of leaving them to gather ‘virtual dust’ on my laptop.


HuggleUp photo printing


I chose the the square photos, and they’re utterly lovely. Printed on good quality, almost matte card, they’re sturdy and charming. Alongside the square prints that I chose, HuggleUp also produce polaroid shaped photos, mini photos and magnets. I do love the thought of getting some of my photos as magnets. You can choose photos from your computer, Instagram or Facebook account and order via their website or phone App, which I used.


HuggleUp photo printing


They’ve also just launched HuggleBot, which works in your Facebook account using a clever new bit of technology to help you send out a little personalised gift to your closest family and friends on a special occasion. This is such a great idea. I’m awful at remembering to send birthday cards and sending a special photo-based gift would be a lovely gesture. And, because HuggleBot won’t post on your Facebook wall, all your loved ones will just think you’re super-duper organised!

I’ve really enjoyed clearing out my photos and starting to think about projects for displaying them in my home. Now I’ve started, I’m going to make sure to keep to my new minimalist good habits, only storing the photos I love and making the most of displaying my favourites…

How do you manage your photos? Have you created any brilliant photo projects? Do you print hard copies? I’d love to know! Share your projects in the comments below…



With thanks to HuggleUp for the photograph printing.


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  1. dave says:

    I use Picasa to help organise my photos – they’re stored in folders by year then month and occasionally with a sub-folder for events. Then they’re backed up across the two internal hard drives on my PC and the two external drives attached and (occasionally) onto an external hard drive which lives in my desk drawer at work.

    And some of them live on dropbox. And my phone camera photos automagically back up to Dropbox *and* Google+. A further selection make it to Flickr – there are over 1,900 on there alone.

    Last week I had to look back through the photos to find some of my in-laws for a birthday/anniversary and marvelled at the breadth and scale of the photos I’ve captured – somewhere in the region of 45 *thousand* pictures. I scrolled back through the years, watching the kids get younger and the grey hairs diminish. Happy times, days out, holidays, trips to the beach. An assortment of pets, artistic coffees and allotmenteering. (but none of the in-laws together!)

    I’ve often thought I need to cull the images, strip out the bad/blurred ones. But some of them still evoke the memories – some taken by the kids themselves. Photos that others would look at and pass over without a second glance, but to me speak volumes.

    I often wonder what will happen to my photo archive in years to come. What would the kids make of it? Whilst I can remember where we were, it’s not always clear from the strict year/month folders. Maybe it’s time to do a little curation. Here are my favourite photos. My best photos. My best memories. These are the images that I want *you* to see, to remember either the time, the place or the person. Here is my digital time capsule.
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    • Elizabeth says:

      Oh my goodness, you’re so organised! I completely understand that the ‘best’ images are not always the ones that evoke memories – I’d definitely keep any that spoke very loudly to me too.

      I am really interested in the whole ‘digital archive’ thing. I think that’s one of the best things about hard prints of photos, the ability to write names, dates, locations on the back. My family have always been a bit hit-and-miss about that, but it makes SUCH a difference when you’re trying to piece together the history of your family. I am going to write (gently!) on the back of all my prints before I frame them.

  2. Oh such a topical topic! I swore when I got my new laptop a couple of years ago I would have a workflow. Something along the lines of downloading, sorting, deleting, editing, storing on an external drive, printing…. I seem to fall down at the sorting step! I end up saving images I don’t need to… all over the place, filling up my laptop! It’s a nightmare! I am, however quite good at printing – I have done photobooks with Blurb and Prinstagram, and printed blocks and standard prints at Photobox, as well as a big poster and magnets of my fave instagram pics via Prinstagram. I’ll check out Huggle Up though as they sound like they do all of the above! My quest for organisation continues 😉
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    • Elizabeth says:

      I’d quite like to do a photo book each year, and I love some of your other ideas too – I quite fancy some bigger prints for the call if they’d be clear enough. I’ll have to do some investigating!

  3. Ethan says:

    ya really better idea to save our good moments. some time we want to print our pictures to gift someone or paste to scrapbook also its awesome to print photos with huggleup

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