Three Good Things #18

Hurray for the weekly round-up of small things that have brought me happiness. It’s Three Good Things time!


Nutscene twine

Beautiful twine and cutting snips for my allotment. I found these in a local shop in the sale and put them away until the time was right. I’m just about to start creating bamboo supports for my climbing borlotti beans and sweet peas and so it’s time to dig these out and be reminded of how much I like them. I love to make my allotment a colourful place and so I’m really pleased with these. And I’ve been after a pair of little cut flower scissors for ages!




Tracks. Oh, how I love this film. At a time when I’m eager for adventure, this film couldn’t have arrived more perfectly timed. I saw it last week and I’m still thinking about it. I think it’s destined to be one of my life long favourite films. If, like me, you’re looking for female adventurers to idolise, look no further…


Radish bookshop. I popped into Radish bookshop this week to order a copy of Tracks, the book on which the above film was based. It’s currently out of print, and I ended up having quite a long chat with the brilliant owner of the shop, and pre-ordering a copy of the new Incredible Edible book by Pam Warhurst too!  Radish is a radical/indie bookshop with a strong Fair Trade selection too. I love that I live somewhere with a bookshop like this one. Plus, I can order any book I like through Hive and support Radish that way. If you’re interested in subjects such as permaculture, transition, or the Occupy movement, there are good links to be found on their website too.


What is making you smile this week? 

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