Three Good Things #17

Hello and welcome to Three Good Things, a weekly celebration of the small things in life that bring me joy.

Here’s what has made me smile this week…


Lottie doll competition entry

Lottie Dolls. You know you’ve arrived at a different kind of doll when the brand website includes a biography of Ada Lovelace. As someone who is sick to the back teeth of all girls’ toys being about prettiness and glitter and all boys’ toys being about adventure, I was so happy to find Lottie dolls in my local toy shop, Armadillo toys. I want my daughter to live as life as full of adventure as my son. To climb trees, ride bikes, get covered in mud. To explore the world, have adventures, learn about science and computing. And Lottie doll seems to be a doll that’s more in tune with that.Yes, she has a ballet outfit, but she also has a football kit and a pirate outfit. And a robot. Plus, she looks like a girl. Not some impossible-in-real-life figure with permanent high heels, a tiny waist and giant breasts. Hurrah for that. There’s currently a competition to design a superhero Lottie doll: here’s my girl’s entry. Our Lottie doll can fly and rescue birds with broken wings. That’s my girl…





Mizuno trainers


New trainers. I’ve recently, in some kind of crazed moment, signed up to do the Leeds Colour Me Rad 5k race. It’ll be a blast. But I’m horrifically unfit, and those of you who are long time readers of this blog know I’ve had loads of problems with my feet in the past. The temptation as a minimalist is one of ‘making do’ with what I’ve got, but in this instance, my health is more important. So, off to the running shop I went and ended up with these Mizuno trainers for my over-pronation. They’re really comfortable—I hadn’t realised just how worn out my old ones were! (I’m going to blog more about running and fitness next week…)



wooden box


A box of wood. My dad made this in school. He made the box himself in his wood-working class and then cut all the pieces of different types of wood to fit inside, all neatly labelled. I’ve always loved it, and when he heard that I was going on a wood carving course, he gave it to me. Now, I know it’s an odd thing to own (especially for someone who claims to be approaching minimalism!) but wood is just such a tactile, grounding material that I love and it’s something that will always remind me of my dad. So, I’m really happy that it’s mine now.


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  1. I totally love your daughter’s Lottie superhero outfit (and her super power!) – hope she wins!
    Lindsay Miles recently posted…The best $199 ever spent?My Profile

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