Three Good Things #16

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Three Good Things, a weekly series of the small things that bring joy to my life.


North Star Coffee. We bought five bags of coffee beans from North Star Micro Roasters, the first independent coffee roasters in Leeds, after a trip to their Meanwood headquarters and a chat with the great guys, Alex ( better known as Krag) and Ellis who run the company. They’re both incredibly good at sharing their passion for great coffee—hence the five bags!–and we ended up with beans from Rwanda, El Salvador and Peru, amongst other places. Each of them have been great, in fact I think we should probably just go for one of their subscription offers as we seem to be getting through quite a lot of it!





More coffee, this time at Betty’s tea room in RHS Harlow Carr with a slice of their gorgeous Yorkshire Curd Tart. A moment of happiness definitely worn queueing for.  Every time I go to Betty’s, I find myself looking through the cookery course brochure. I really do fancy trying my hand at one of their courses one of these days.


Betty's tea room




Tynemouth. A walk to the end of the pier to blow away the cobwebs is always an uplifting thing to do. Big skies and big seas always make me realise that no matter how huge and insurmountable my issues are, I’m merely a tiny speck on Earth. Which is somehow rather comforting.


Alnmouth Pier


What are your Three Good Things this week? If you write a blog post about it, do let me know  and I’ll be sure to link up with you!

Last week, Isobel from Leeds&me wrote a Three Good Things post, and Ruthie over at Minibreak Mummy wrote a lovely post about paying attention to the good things in life, so do go over and read them too.



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