A solo cycle tour and other adventures.

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Later this morning, once all the panniers are packed and final checks made, my lovely boyfriend will be setting off on a solo cycle tour. He’ll make his way South towards the ferry for Spain and onwards. He plans to return just in time for Christmas. If you want to follow his adventure, you can find him here.

He’s finally able to fulfil a long-held ambition, and I am so excited for him, proud of him and completely inspired by the fact he’s making a dream come true. I’m not going to lie, it’s been incredibly hard to think of him being away for so long, and I’ve shed far too many tears worrying about a million and one things that might happen to either of us. But, after an amazing long weekend away adventuring together (more on which in another post) the time has finally arrived and I’m feeling a tiny bit stronger and ready for adventure of my own.

Of course, my adventure will take place largely at home. Half of the time, I’ll be with my children, and therefore living according to their school calendar and then through the summer holidays. Life will be busy. I’ll be living in the moment, because that’s what being around young children forces you to do, and it’ll be great. I have lots of plans for our time together and I can’t wait to take them to the seaside for a week for an old-fashioned bucket-and-spade adventure in the summer holidays before they move up a school year and the whole cycle begins again.

But half of the time (when my kids  are with their father)  I’ll be alone—on my own solo challenge—and now I’ve almost got past my tears I’ve started to think more about what I want my own adventure to be. Of course, I could just sit on the sofa, eating my own bodyweight in ice-cream and wait for my adventurer to return. But I’m going to do exactly the opposite. I’m going to try and have my own adventures so that we have lots of stories to share when we meet up. I’m hoping to be flexible and spontaneous where I can and to say ‘yes’ to things that come my way, but here are a few thoughts I’ve had about it:

1.  Travel is high on my wish list. I want to visit somewhere I’ve never been before. UK or abroad, I want to fit as much travel into my life as possible. I shall specialise in short trips that fit around the rest of my life.

2. I’d like to try a new activity. My lovely friend keeps asking me to go surfing with her, and there’s a tiny part of me that always wanted to be Lori Petty in Point Break, so this could be my year.

3. Yoga is becoming increasingly important to me.  I’m going to increase my time spent on yoga from one class a week to two or three classes, plus self-practice.

4. After doing the Colour Me Rad 5k last weekend, I plan to keep up with my running, maybe even finding another fun race to enter later in the year.

5. Remember that promise I made to my allotment that we’d have a great year? I shall honour that promise by spending lots of time there, growing food and flowers.

6. I’m going to attempt a few microadventures, possibly a longer-distance cycle ride of my own and more wild swimming.

7. I’ve been invited to join an amazing floristry course with the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in June, which will be such a wonderful experience. I’m excited about that already.

8. I’m going to rejoin the RHS and (fingers crossed) train for my Level II Certificate in Horticulture in September.

9. I’m going to have more time in the evenings to write, so hopefully this blog will continue to evolve. Maybe I’ll even make it to a blogging conference, like Blognix.

10. And finally, I will go and visit my lovely boyfriend on his travels. The solo journeying to him, wherever he is, will be an adventure in itself, and we’ll get to spend some time together.


What do you think of my list of adventures? Is there anything else you’d recommend? What would you do with time alone?  


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  1. stephanie smith says:

    With your list of adventures I don’t think you’ll have time to miss Stephen Collins. Its sounds amazing and I for one am very proud of you for tackling Stephen’s absence head on. Good luck and we’ll be keeping an eye on what you get up to. One suggestion for your list if of course horse-riding ! If you get back in the saddle and feel up to it let me know and we’ll organise a trek somewhere. Take care, Steph

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hello! Thank you – I would love to come riding with you, I think it might be time to dust off my jodhpurs. I’ll be terrible, mind you…

  2. Amy says:

    How exciting (and scary!)! You should definitely come to Blognix – it’s going to be so fun 🙂 Going to Birmingham is definitely a bit of an adventure for me – I’ve never really experienced much of the city, which is silly given that it’s the second biggest in the UK!

    I definitely need to get some more adventure in my life – I feel like I’ve packed so much social stuff in recently but it’s all quite ‘samey’ so getting away and doing something different is much needed!
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    • Elizabeth says:

      I shall book my Blognix place tonight, I think. I barely know Birmingham despite going there frequently for work. I know the route from the train station to the office and back again…And if you’re up for different adventures, do let me know what you do! 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    That’s an impressive to-do list – it’s going to be an exciting 6 months for you, too! I’m definitely with you on the microadventuring – planning one on TDF weekend!

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