Rediscovered Scarves

So, I’ve made a start on Operation Bedroom Sanctuary (which was inspired by  A Hell of A Woman’s 12 Days of Buffy Challenge), which means that I’ve started discovering loads of things that have just been put away and forgotten about.

At the bottom of my wardrobe, I uncovered a box of scarves. I LOVE scarves, and nine days out of ten I will be wearing one. They are a really easy way of adding colour to the most basic of outfits, they keep out the cold and I use mine like a comfort blanket… I tend to have particular favourites that get worn on a daily basis, but I’d forgotten about this little collection at the back of the photo, with some others to share with you:

From left to right: Red square (Hermès), floral and graphic patterned (Paul Smith), lurex zig-zag (Missoni), green (Jigsaw), black and brown horse pattern (Next).

All the ones at the front have some kind of story attached to them:

Hermès: I bought this in a vain attempt to be more chic. I have worn it quite a lot, it looks great as a pop of colour against a simple black outfit. I have long since decided that I will never be truly chic. Firstly, I think that true chic is perhaps innate and that I’m trying too hard, and secondly, I think my hair is against the whole idea and it seems impossible to be chic with hair that often resembles a poorly constructed bird’s nest.

Paul Smith: Bought from the Pompidou Centre when I was pregnant with my first-born. I had discovered I was pregnant in the early hours of the morning, which was a shock, as at that point I was still taking Prozac (lucky me) and really never thought that I would get pregnant straight away. I realise that this is really dumb, but I’d heard so many stories about people who had tried for years before getting pregnant, it never really crossed my mind that it could happen within the first month of trying. As a result of that, I hadn’t started to come off the medication. Which meant that, by the time I caught my flight to Paris, the combination of finding out I was pregnant and coming off my anti-depressants straight away instead of the planned gradual withdrawal, meant I was on another planet. So, I went shopping. Obviously…

Incidentally, I was pregnant straight away the second time around too – but that time I was ready for it!

Missoni: This is a party scarf- one that I used to take to work back in my pre-mothering days when I went out for a drink straight afterwards. It’s sparkly, and bright and lifts a dull work outfit really easily. Lots of memorable evenings have been had whilst wearing this.

Jigsaw: This is one of my true ‘comfort blanket’ scarves. I wear this a lot, and throughout my last pregnancy, when I had a mind like a sieve, I must have lost it a dozen times. I left it on the bus once, and was completely inconsolable about it. So much so that I ended up in the lost property section of the bus depot in the early hours of the morning to get it back.

Next: This is a recent purchase and I’ve worn it almost every day since I bought it for the princely sum of £10. A true Fashion Maths bargain.

So, I will wear all of these more often, and give the boxful of ones I don’t wear to the children who love nothing more than a spot of dressing up.

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  1. In principle, I love the idea of scarves. Like you say, a splash of colour to any outfit. BUT, I don’t get how to wear them. Are you supposed to casually fling them on? artfully drape them? tie them? or is there some kind of magic word you have to say before you can achieve that perfect combination of “I’m so chic” and “this? oh, I just found it in the wardrobe and threw it on”. They are a bit of a clothing mystery to me.

    I think my favourite of yours is the Missoni. Of course, I have no idea who Missoni is. I’d have probably described it as “that red zigzaggy one of yours”. *sigh* I will never be a fashionista!

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