A Nourishing Year: January’s review

So January is over, and we’re already a month into 2015. My bank balance is happier; the ‘helpful’ early monthly salary paid in mid-December feels a terribly long time ago…

I started the month having a little panic about what I wanted to get out of my year, and then after finding inspiration from some wonderful other bloggers , taking a deep breath, I wrote out a months’ worth of intentions for January into my journal. I also wrote them out in bright pink pen and stuck them on the fridge. There’s nothing quite like seeing your plans stare you in the face every time you get the milk out make them front-and-centre of your mind.

For the first time in years, I’m not talking about giant, ridiculous goals here. I’m aiming for gentle intentions, with self-care and slow living at their heart; the work I did on Susannah Conway’s Unravelling has taught me a better way of planning my goals. Yes, there are a few that are a bit scary (mostly those that are part of my event planning, which has been a giant learning curve) but the majority are simple: drink more water, make time to read a novel, walk in the Yorkshire Dales, sow broad beans. It’s been just me, saying to myself: you know those things that you love? Well, don’t forget to make time for them.  And early morning runs in the winter bring glorious sunrise photo opportunities…

Early morning running sunrise

All of my intentions for January have – to my deep joy and satisfaction – been ticked off my fridge list this month. January was a month of slowness. Of giving myself permission to take my time over the pleasurable things in my life and to really take notice of them. And I feel so much better for it. More settled, more accomplished, a little healthier. I think the reasons I’ve managed it are twofold: One –  keeping them front and centre in my mind by literally sticking them in front of my eyes and Two – keeping them really, really small. January is a tough month. If I’d give myself giant goals, I’d be far more likely to fail, simply because my January is usually spent feeling tired, broke, poorly or gloomy. Small, easy to complete intentions bring a far greater sense of achievement than huge, impossible plans.

So my first Nourishing month of 2015 is over; let’s see what February brings…

Now you’ve read my story, why not see how Gemma  and Annie (my inspirations for monthly intention setting) are getting on?


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  1. dave says:

    what a glorious photo!
    dave recently posted…Creative reflectionsMy Profile

  2. Completely glorious picture, am pleased you ticked of your intentions. I had small spurt at thd end of jan to get mine done, which I wouldn’t have without the motivation of a list written large on social media. Love how you approached January, it’s a month when kindness is needed.
    Helloitsgemma recently posted…Intentions FebruaryMy Profile

  3. Annie says:

    I want to travel through cyberspace into that photo! I am loving making intentions month by month, it feels achievable – and so far it has been. Looking forward to typing out this month’s intentions!
    Annie recently posted…Photographs of snow in The New ForestMy Profile

  4. Steph says:

    Oh I agree that’s just what January is for and I’ve been doing likewise! Lots of sofa slumping, good food and making plans. I think that’s a great start to a year 🙂

    I’m inspired to make some monthly intentions too. Love those wintry pictures. Bare trees are breathtaking. X

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’ve just seen this lovely comment! Thank you so much – I hope that you’ve been having fun setting monthly intentions too… x

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