Marni for H&M

So, Marni for H&M…

Having said I wasn’t going to go and look, I went and looked. In my defence, the store was quiet and civilised without a queue in sight. Granted, the clothes were behind two security guards, but considering the hype surrounding the stores in London (queueing in 7am chaos, wristband entry) I am worried that the folk in Leeds don’t know a good thing when they see it.

And, yes it was a good thing, I think. Marni is quite a unique label. Those of us who have loved it forever are possibly feeling a bit resentful about this recent surge in popularity caused by their collaboration with H&M. Especially if the people lining up in the queue are the same people who queued for Versace not so long ago. In my mind, a Versace woman cannot be a Marni woman. Am I wrong?

Marni, launched in 1994, remains a family business, headed up by Consuelo Castiglioni. Famous for its blocky prints, colour clashing, unusual shapes, draping and assymetry, it is a fashion line designed for women who care about what other women think. In my opinion (and I suspect I’m not alone in thinking this) men just don’t understand Marni. They don’t find the vintage looking colours, clashing prints,  low hemlines or the loose balloon hems attractive. Perhaps this is part of the appeal It’s been an insiders label. Now it is not. But I’m glad really, although I do hope that, despite this surge in popularity and brand awareness, it remains a family owned business against the huge conglomerates. I bet LVMH would love to have it as part of their stable.

So, then, what did I buy? One piece and one piece only. Partly because I’m poor and partly because I was considered in my approach. My questions to myself all the way through ran along the lines of “Do I want it because it is Marni on the cheap, or do I want it because it looks great, fits into my wardrobe and will actually get worn?”

I bought this. I love it. It’s in a lovely light fabric, with a flattering elasticated bubble hemline. I’m taking it to Rome with me for a start. When I come back I’ll continue the search for more Marni online (at The Outnet) because I suspect the Leeds store will have emptied by then…

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  1. It really is a lovely top! And you’re completely right you can’t in my opinion crave Versace and Marni! I’m so pleased I got my trousers (can’t wait for them to arrive) and I’m really looking forward to wearing them. The great thing about these collaborations are that whatever your taste there is hopefully a piece that you can afford and because they are more affordable you get to enjoy wearing them, rather than worrying about ruining them through spilling drink/ food/ children’s hands etc!

  2. Thank you! I hope your trousers are fab. So much of it has already gone on Ebay, which makes me really sad if genuine buyers couldn’t get hold of stuff because of that. I’m really looking forward to wearing this – although now I really have a taste for it, I’ve been on The Outnet looking too 🙂

  3. Its a really lovely top, I see why you bought it. Looks perfect for summer, lovely and light.
    I’m not a fan of H&M, maybe its my local store…but its just always so untidy! Though I love the childrens range.
    Hope you have a fab time in Rome 🙂

    • Do you know, I never go into H&M normally! Not been in for ages, although it looked pretty good when I was in there the other day. Mind you, it was first thing in the morning 🙂

  4. Rachel says:

    Congratulations on getting hold of this! I usually am not that much a fan of these designer collaborations, but there is quite a bit from this Marni collection that I would actually wear. However, i was not that desperate to wait in like for all of it!

    • Thank you! I think that for the Marni fan, there was a lot to like about this collaboration. Thankfully, I didn’t have to queue, otherwise I wouldn’t have waited. Too inpatient!

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