Fragrance: Part Three

These days I don’t have a signature scent. I prefer to wear a different fragrance depending on my mood. During the day, I might wear something lighter and greener, unless I need to feel grown up, then I’ll head for the Chanel Les Exclusifs, of which I have written before.

My perfume choice is also affected by the time of year. Summer has me wearing florals such as Balenciaga. I’ve worn this since being introduced to it by Roja Dove and I love the young, summery and violet scent of it. I also love Prada’s ‘Infusion de Fleur D’Oranger’ with it’s neroli and bergamot – which feels pefect for hot summer days in Italy.  As this is the fragrance I wore the last time I was there, it’s linked in my memory with this:

The scent of Italian Lemons

Night Swimming

Il Giardino Garzoni, Collodi.

All of this reminiscing has renewed my passion for travel and made me look all the more forward to next summer’s trip to Rome. Better get the Earworms back on!

In the meantime, I’m going to hunt for a new perfume for Autumn and Winter. Something that I can wear for everyday, so not too heavy, but I do tend to wear things that are woodier, muskier and generally more grown up in the Autumn and Winter. Perhaps it’s time for a classic. Maybe Mitsouko, by Guerlain.

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  1. anneinmid says:

    Italian lemons and the whole italian experience – very evocative. I shall be stocking up on perfume and exploring new ones in Provence later this week will let you know if uncover anything new and exciting. Rome will be wonderful – strangley I seem to remember wearing Givenchy Amarige ther many years ago

    • scannermum says:

      Ooh, yes I’m sure you’ll discover some lovely new ones in the lavender fields of Provence! Do let me know. It’s lovely how certain fragrances are forever linked with certain places. Very much looking forward to Rome – although next year feels like a very long time to wait 🙂

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