Folkings Go North: a blogger weekend.


Folklings is a wonderful collective blog, filled to the brim with beautiful imagery, slow living, and utter gorgeousness, founded by Annie Spratt. And for some reason, even though I’m the worst contributor, she still lets me in the gang. I owe her big time.

This weekend a tribe of Folklings contributors found themselves in the middle of nowhere, in a howling gale, having a bloody amazing time. We went to Swinton Bivouac, where we spent the weekend in two of their beautiful wooden timber frame shacks. I could absolutely live in one of those all the time. If at any point in the future I ever decide I’m going to write a book, that’s where I’m heading, armed with enough tea and biscuits to sustain me to 50,000 words. After all, Virginia Woolf reckoned that we all needed  ‘a room of one’s own‘ in which to be creative. I think she’d be in favour of my shack plans…

At this point, I should probably be sharing loads of gorgeous photos of said shack, but (proving that I’m the worst blogger) I don’t really have any. I’ll have to point you in the direction of my co-conspirators for the weekend, as they will undoubtedly put me to shame.

What I do have to share is plenty of thoughts about spending a weekend off grid with a group of women that I barely know. And how excellent that was. Perhaps Annie knew that we’d share plenty of similarities when she founded Folklings; it certainly felt like we’d known each other for a lot longer. Firm friendships have been made. Jokes shared that will be remembered for a long time. Plans made for more hanging out together. This is one of the most incredible things to arise from my blog; the development of online friendships which then turn into offline ones. New friends to drink wine and share jokes with. To gossip together, share knowledge, ideas and, when I’m  really lucky, home-made brownies and damson gin. Even as a firm introvert, I felt really comfortable with this group of women.

We ate dinner at the lovely cafe on site at Swinton Bivouac on Saturday, then on Sunday, wandered through the trees to the 18th Century Druid’s Temple folly, then along to the viewpoint over the reservoir – in the most incredible wind and rain. Yet, our spirits were completely undiminished by it – in fact, the elements only served to make the day feel more exhilarating; nothing makes me feel more alive than being out in really crazy weather. And, one giant pub roast Sunday lunch later, we’d all warmed up enough anyway.

Beautiful cafe at Swinton Biva

It felt like a real privilege to spend time with these funny, creative, talented women. A huge thank you to Annie, Jen, Sarah, Cerys, Emma, Gemma and Katie.

Can’t wait to do it again…

PS: I’ve tried and tried to add some more photos to this post – but for some reason they’re all sideways…so until I work out what on earth is going on, head here for more photos from the weekend! 






6 Responses to Folkings Go North: a blogger weekend.

  1. Cerys says:

    All the feels! As ever, you’ve captured it all brilliantly with your words, no photos needed. Right way up or not 😉
    Cerys recently posted…Did someone mention a onesie party?! My Profile

  2. Annie says:

    It was lovely to see you and even after you left you were there in spirit as we used the oils!

    No idea what’s going on with the images – if you want to email me a login to your blog I am happy to go in and rummage about and see if there’s anything glaring obvious to tweak x
    Annie recently posted…(insert all the emotions here)My Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yay for the oils – hope you liked them! I will definitely be in touch about the dratted photos, thank you love x

  3. I’m reading this post with your lovely oil all over my face – smells gorgeous. It was nice to meet you, hopefully next time we can have more of a chat. I’m glad your car got you home, I was worried with all the rain and puddles…
    Gemma Garner recently posted…Rustic Christmas wreath tutorialMy Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      It was lovely to meet you too – you are so much fun to be around! It would be lovely to do it again. And thank you for testing the facial oil! I’ll be in touch x

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