Dear … morning (April Love #4)

Early morning running sunrise



Dear … morning.

These days, you tend to start in two ways. I’m woken either by the incessant noise of my alarm, getting me up earlier than everyone else in the house, or I’m lucky enough to wake naturally. And sometimes, though less often these days, I’m woken by my little boy, sneaking into my bed for an early morning cuddle with his mummy. Those warm, sleepy cuddles are my favourite starts though I don’t think they’ll last much longer. Even now, I usually have to wake my children so we can get to school.

If I’m lucky, I get some time for a bit of quiet contemplation and ritual before the school routine starts. Tea and porridge in solitude, before the rush of uniforms, breakfasts, and seemingly endless parroting of my stock phrases like “put your shoes on” which seem to meet with baffled responses every single day. School runs are often followed by a short run through the local park, and a chance to catch my breath before work.

For the other half of my life, I have you to myself; the reality of co-parenting with an ex-husband. On those days, I wake alone, go through my morning rituals alone, start my day alone. I’ve had a few years to learn this half of my life and I use the quiet as a chance to grow my energy for my busier days.

In whatever form you take, morning, I like you very much. I’ve always liked you. I’m a lark, not an owl; so I chose a good name for my little skincare business! I think it stems from getting up early to ride horses when I was a child. The joy of being up before everyone else, the freshness of the outdoors, the chance, sometimes, to watch the sun come up.

And now, every time we meet, I’m a day closer to the life that I want to live. And a day closer to my final morning, I suppose, but that is hopefully far enough away for it not to be of immediate concern. Now I’m enjoying the promise you bring. A chance to make something good happen, each and every time you appear. A chance to keep my promises, do my best, breathe you in, live my fullest days. Until it’s time to rest, ready for you to appear again…




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