Dear … Elizabeth (April Love #30)

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Dear … Elizabeth,

Well, I’ve written to past you and future you, and now we complete the circle with a letter from me to you (me!) to have a chat about what’s going on right now.

I’ve been a bit late in writing this one–should have finished it yesterday, really– because I haven’t really known what to say. Haven’t got much in the way of sage advice for you, right now. I think it’s perhaps because (dare I say it out loud?) I think you’re doing rather well…

Yep, you live in a spare room still, but the debts are going down. And your health hasn’t been this good in years; if we ignore the niggling leg injury, that is. All that quitting sugar, eating better, and daily monitoring on MyFitness Pal (for 105 days and counting) is having results. You may well end up being ok naked in Iceland after all!

Going back to monthly goal setting is really working too–you’ve ticked off lots of things on the to-do list this month. Keep doing that, it’s the best way of staying on track that you’ve found and far easier to make decisions about what matters to you right now, than setting goals in stone at the start of the year and then feeling like a failure because you’ve changed your mind. Monthly evaluation is the thing for you. And we both know how much you love a bit of navel gazing, so that won’t be hard…

Work is work, as usual, but I do think you’re getting a bit better at losing your Imposter Syndrome. Just make some more time for planning, ok? Not just everyday email fire-fighting. The in-box will still be there if you take a bit of time offline to think longer term; it’s not a luxury to plan, it’s essential…

Things are looking up for your love life too, and I know you’re feeling all the butterflies about that. I don’t think we need to talk much more about it today, although I know you can’t stop thinking about that lovely man you’re dating. (I’m SO excited for you…)

The kids are doing great; they’re happy, healthy, full of life. You’re blessed with the best friends anyone could want and your parents are not only putting up with you living with them, they’re supporting you to move in the direction of the future you want.

And then there’s Lark, a project that is going slowly in the direction you want it to. There are huge opportunities for you with this project this year. I know you’re terrified about that. But, let’s be brave.

Do you know, I’m grinning as I write this. Life is sweet, right now. Just in this moment,  I’m sitting here typing and thinking that although you don’t have a very conventional life, it’s nonetheless a really good one. I’m grateful to April Love for creating a space in which to realise that.

These are indeed the best days of your life.



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  1. Sam says:


    Congratulations on finding peace and appreciation for the life you have right now. That is a powerful gift to yourself.

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