The Green Indoors #1

My beloved grandmother gave me some hydrangeas and I’ve really enjoyed having them on display on the bookcase in our sitting room — and joining up with the ‘Nature in the Home’ Instagram tag created by Lou from Little Green Shed this week. It started me thinking about my relationship with the natural world. This recent Nature Seekers post from Annie at Manneskjur reconfirmed for me how important this is; time spent in nature is vital for my mental and physical wellbeing. But that time is lacking (ironically, often because of my job which is about engaging people with the natural environment!) and so bringing the green indoors helps to offset that missing piece of my life’s jigsaw.

Because even though my two allotment spaces don’t make up for the lack of garden, having greenery in the flat feels really important to me. I’ve been on this journey before—see this old post!  I’ve tried to grow windowsill tomatoes but there wasn’t enough light, although the basil plants in the kitchen are still doing well. We have some quite big windows, but not in every room, so I am still learning what will and what won’t enjoy the conditions. The bookcase is quite tall but has enough light and cut flowers seem to do well—and the dahlia seedlings from earlier this year thrived. I’ve also just bought an orchid for the bathroom and am planning to buy succulents next…we’ll see if the warmth might compensate for any lack of light.

Anyway, I thought that I’d start an occasional photo series to share the seasonal displays that I create in my home, both to share with you what I’m up to and to give me the impetus I need to spend more time on something I really enjoy, but haven’t really prioritised—creating simple floral and natural displays and also putting my learning from the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers into action!

Lovely hydrangea display


Seasonal floral displays


I’ve really enjoyed spending time on creating and photographing this display and I’m already getting excited for the abundance that autumn will bring…

Do you have seasonal displays at home? How often do you to spend time in the natural environment? 


7 Responses to The Green Indoors #1

  1. Meg says:

    Not just hydrangeous… blue ones! Bit of a holy grail for me. No matter how much I lime the earth in my hydrangea urns, my flowers stay resolutely pink. They’re still beautiful mind!
    Meg recently posted…Victory Garden Update (by @jackiemania)My Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      I do love hydrangeas of any colour – i just bought the most amazing dark purple one with a friend the other day. Let’s hope it stays that colour!

  2. Carlie says:

    Oh dear, I’m rubbish at flowers in the house – there never seems any child-free dog-safe surface in my house. I’d love to have a go at a seasonal wreath (not just a Christmas one) – do you have any suggestions of how to start and what to put on?
    Carlie recently posted…Chocolate Rye Cake (wheat-free)My Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      I think that’s why the bookcase seems to be ok – it’s high enough so the kids can’t get to it! I do love the idea of seasonal wreaths, though I’ve ever tried making one. I think lots of green to form the structure would be needed with a few flowers to provide colour. Hydrangeas dry nicely too, so they might work. One of those wire frames to start with would help provide a form. Unless you used something like willow? That would be lovely.

  3. Carlie says:

    Oops! Somehow deleted my first sentence of, OH WHAT LOVELY HYDRANGEAS!
    Carlie recently posted…Chocolate Rye Cake (wheat-free)My Profile

  4. Manneskjur says:

    Thanks for the mention sweet cheeks. I love hydrangeas – and having flowers indoors. Up until a couple of months ago I’d have fresh flowers each week – it lifted my mood so much, but somehow I slipped out of the habit. Now I’ve been given some gladioli from my neighbour to say thanks for dog-sitting and it’s made me realise just what I’ve been missing!
    Looking forward to seeing more x
    Manneskjur recently posted…Kid Forest and the Imagination TrunkMy Profile

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