Hello September…

White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits…

It’s September 1st as I type this, and I’m ready. The new shoes are gleaming, the uniform suitably name-tagged and the book bags on stand-by to be filled with endless requests for my time, money or charitable donation. School time is once upon us. And I think we’re all ready. As fun as summer has been, it’s time for a bit of routine and earlier bedtimes again. August has passed in a chaotic blur of work, holiday, allotment gardening and no blogging! And all whilst waiting for my partner to return from his solo travels. I won’t lie. At times it’s been really tough and I’ve been so grateful for my brilliant family’s support.

But now–September. I love September. Time of studying, new school books and the start of Autumn (officially September 23rd) which brings a wind of change, together with the crisp orange leaves, golden sun and gentleness that I’ve always looked forward to. I have so many plans including the Makers Day and some new allotment structures, and a brand new plan which is going to remain a secret until it actually happens because I’m really excited, but too nervous to share in case I jeopardise it!

Beautiful home grown produce, apples, sweetcorn, dahlias.


Alongside new plan making, September is also a time of bounty on the plot. I’ve harvested the first of the sweetcorn, the dahlias I’ve grown from seed are blooming, the pumpkins are merrily growing away, and the first of my early apples (a modern hybrid called Katy) are just starting to ripen. To test apples for ripeness, cup the fruit in your hand, pushing slightly upwards, and gently twist. The fruit should come easily away from the tree. If it doesn’t, it’s not ripe. And apples don’t ripen off the tree, so don’t get carried away and harvest them too soon! I grow a rare French variety called Court Pendu Plat, with fruit that has a hint of pineapple. The first year, I was so excited to taste the solitary apple I’d grown I picked it far before it was ready. No hint of pineapple about that apple at all, more like lemons!


Dahlias, sweetcorn and apples, all home grown!

September also brings The Good life Experience festival for the first time, which promises to be a highlight of my year. Are you going too? What are your plans for September?…


PS: You’ll notice that it’s Wednesday and yet this isn’t a Good Things linky post.  In truth, I’ve been struggling a bit over the past month to keep it going, and so I thought I’d have a little break. We’ll see if I re-start it, but for now, I’m just going to blog slowly, not use my own plans as a stick to beat myself with and just enjoy writing whatever comes to mind…



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  1. Meg says:

    Tasty home grown vegetables sound like “good things” to me!
    Meg recently posted…Early Theme Adopters: SketchMy Profile

  2. Manneskjur says:

    11 sleeps till Good Life! Cannot WAIT!!!!
    Manneskjur recently posted…Nature Seekers #4My Profile

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