Sage & Thrift marmalade.

At the end of the month, we’ll be holding the second of our Sage & Thrift suppers – which we really need to rename because they’re actually in the afternoon – and I wanted to have a seasonal speciality to use for my home-made contribution. But it’s January. Season of the sensible root or cruciferous vegetable – cabbage, brussels sprouts, parsnips and so on –  things that can cope with the cold. And whilst I’m not adverse to cabbage per se, it’s not exactly the uplifting kind of thing I want to take to a communal supper. I want cake, damn it.

And then, like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day, I remembered that January is also the season of the wondrous Seville orange, and that means one thing and one thing only. Marmalade!

Luckily for me, Jo, my partner in Sage & Thrift is as optimistic about our capabilities as I am. When I asked “Do you like marmalade?” she replied “Yes, as long as I don’t get to eat it only after you’ve made me go for a crazy run…” I fear she knows me all too well. But my plans were rather more sedate than a mud-filled 10k and this time just involved the pair of us, a stack of oranges, a mountain of sugar and a well-thumbed copy of the Women’s Institute book of preserves.

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After what seemed like an endless amount of orange squeezing and peel cutting – and fuelled by endless pots of tea –  we had ourselves a giant pan of bubbling deep golden marmalade. Enough for 14 jars of the stuff. And, despite a few mishaps and shrugged shoulders about following the recipe exactly, I am very happy to say that it’s really really good!

Allowing for the fact that I’ve nearly eaten one jar already and having given a few away, I still have plenty left over for the Sage & Thrift Supper (Tea? Gathering? Hmm, it needs more thought) and now I just need to decide which lovely recipe to make. On the shortlist so far; marmalade ice cream from Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook, marmalade cupcakes with frosting from Primrose Bakery and a rather exciting sounding cocktail with whiskey.
I’m thinking perhaps the only real answer is to try all of them…

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  1. Helen says:

    Oh wow i have never tried Marmalade have also had inspiration to they look wonderful, marmalade cupcakes sound Fab. I still am eating my plum jam from a year ago so maybe marmalade is next on the list. Im so glad i found your blog again my stupid blogger dropped you and a few others off my list, but now i have you again so happy reading for me.

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