Odd food favourites and a bit of nostalgia.

Recently, I’ve been a bit off my food. I know, it’s clearly a first world kind of problem and I am very grateful that I have a fully stocked fridge. It’s just that I’ve spent the past few days unable to taste a bloody thing because of a rotten head cold and so unless I’ve had a really growling tummy, I’ve just not eaten with the same greed as usual! This is probably A Good Thing, but it’s making me a bit miserable. To summon up a bit of enthusiasm for eating (as my lovely husband thinks I need to eat so I have the energy to get better) I’ve been trying to think of my very favourite foods and have been amused at where this thought process has led me. I have some odd food favourites…

I mean, I’ve tried to like grown up food like olives. I really have. One of my favourite things to eat ever is good bread with olive oil and expensive, treacly, balsamic vinegar but I cannot bear olives. I even once had a picnic with an enforced olive tasting session, but it didn’t work. I’ve since realised that trying to train myself to like food that I don’t like is silly, when I am so fortunate to have so many other options. So, no more olives.

The truth is that I’m beginning to think that many of my favourite foods are not really food at all. I mean, beyond having some kind of calorific value, obviously. Take raw cake mix. It’s ace. I could quite happily eat half a cake’s worth on my own. One of the hardest things about baking when pregnant was not being able to eat raw cake mixture because of the eggs. Quite put me off the whole thing. I know that raw eggs aren’t exactly great for little kids either, but I’m not the kind of mum who isn’t going to let them lick the spoon…

Another of my favourite foods is pizza crust. Not the middle, lovely, oozy cheesy bit of pizza. The crust. The bit that half the pizza-eating world happily leave on their plate. If I’m out with people to eat pizza I have to remind myself that stealing the crusts from other people’s plates is not good manners. So it’s a good thing that these days I’m more likely to get take-away pizza ( I have no scruples about stealing from family) or making my own – take a look here for my recipe. I quite like burnt-on cheese too, which often happens when I make pizza at home. You know, that bit of cheese that oozes off the side, sticks to the baking tray and goes all bubbly and crispy. Mmm. You can make Parmesan crisps in the same way. Just grate some Parmesan cheese and then put it in little piles onto a baking tray. Cook in the oven until they do that bubbling, crisping up thing, and then take them out, leave them a bit to go hard and cold before taking off the baking tray and eating. Nice with a cold glass of prosecco.

My last favourite food that’s not really food is scraps. By which I mean those bits of fried batter that you get from the fish and chip shop. I’m sure they have lots of other names depending on which part of the country you’re from. Once of the reasons for this is nostalgia though. When I was younger I had a pony. ( I know!) I started horse riding when I was seven, after my mum took me to a local stables. I’m fairly sure she just thought I’d be interested for a bit then give it up, but it stuck. She always says it was the most expensive decision she ever made.  I went there every weekend and spent all day doing stable duties in return for a free lesson each week. Then, one day, they announced they were closing down. My lovely grandad had given me some money that had been put into savings and so I was allowed to use this to buy a pony, on the condition that I looked after her properly and worked as much as I could to keep her.

And so, I became the proud owner of Lisa (not named by me, I hasten to add), a Welsh Section D chestnut mare with a blaze and a flaxen mane and tail, and the rather less-than thrilled employee at both a local fish and chip shop and fruit and veg stall. I worked on Friday nights in the chip shop with another woman. We used to amuse ourselves when it was quiet by trying to fry the biggest scrap in history, which we then used to eat in a bread-cake. Seriously, my arteries are ruined. RUINED, I tell you.

Still, it was worth it. Look at how beautiful she was. Sadly she died when I was at agricultural college and it broke my heart. Still makes me cry now. As does looking at my hair in this rather vintage photograph…

9 Responses to Odd food favourites and a bit of nostalgia.

  1. Those foods tick the same boxes for me. You and I were seagulls in a former life. I also share your hatred of olives. I just don’t see the appeal. There’s a lot to be said for comfort food when you’re off your appetite. Egg, chips and beans is a panacea!

    • scannermum says:

      Ha ha – I never thought of that. I really dislike herring gulls. Perhaps it’s ‘other’ herring gulls that I dislike, for stealing my food…

      I love egg and chips. You’re clearly a man of good taste 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    You have the same favourites I do! I’ve willingly eaten olives once, I was drunk so they tasted of nothing. I’m going to be giving Parmesan crisps a go.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Misha says:

    You’re totally missing out on olives! They’re delish! But at least you tried. And you had a pony as a child! So lucky! My grandfather had a farm and we would visit and ride his horses (who all seemed to be named “Tom”) on the weekend but it’s not the same as owning your own. Anyway, now you’ve got me started. Feel better soon. 🙂

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  5. dave says:

    pizza crusts are the best. Luckily for me, my family disagrees!

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