Call Lane Social: Tiki Hideaway

Last Thursday I braved the rain to join other Leeds based bloggers at Call Lane Social’s Tiki Hideaway to learn how to make a tiki cocktail and spend a little time pretending we were in the sunshine of the South Pacific!

Call Lane Social opened in 2010 and was awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ in the 2011 Bar and Club awards, but I think that what makes it really special is tucked away upstairs; a little slice of Polynesian heaven in the form of Leeds’ first and only Tiki bar.

Tiki bars became popular in America after soldiers who served in the South Pacific during World War Two began creating their own Polynesian themed bars once they returned home. These usually have vibrant fabrics and thatched walls and serve elaborate rum-based cocktails like the one we made, which had the glorious name of Amputated Zombie.

We were given the chance to step behind the bar and learn to create the Amputated Zombie, mixing several types of rum and freshly squeezed juices, topped off with an alcohol-infused sugar cube which was set on fire! Not only does this give the whole process a brilliant air of drama, the caramelising of the sugar adds a depth of flavour to the cocktail too. I had lots of fun doing this and I really recommend you give it a try if you ever get the chance. I even managed to mix the drink up in its shaker without tipping it all down my back, which I’m rather proud of. I have to say that I left the ‘setting-the-cocktail-on-fire’ part to Andy, the professional mixologist. I know my limits! Our second cocktail, a gorgeous lime and ginger infused drink, was named in honour of the Emma from the wonderful ‘The Culture Vulture‘ website, who organised the event for us. This one, we made in the glass instead of using the shaker, which was less dramatic. Until we set that one alight too, with a mixture of honeycomb and chocolate. Brilliant…

Here is our friendly and knowledgable mixologist Andy Gilpin, who shared with us a little of his knowledge about the differing rums and their varying tastes. I was really interested in learning about how the balance of flavours, rather than the alcoholic content, is what makes a great cocktail. The Amputated Zombie we made proves this – although it contains no less than three different types of rum and is undoubtedly potent, it has a gorgeous taste and is much easier to drink than its name suggests.

With thatched walls, laidback music and great attention to detail in the decor, Tiki Hideaway  feels a million miles away from Leeds and would be the perfect place for a private party or a few exotic drinks with friends.  It’s open Thursday – Saturday night from 9pm, and if you did want that private party, you can book it from the early evening until 9pm on those nights. It’s such a great place and I’ll definitely be back. I hope to see you all there…

6 Responses to Call Lane Social: Tiki Hideaway

  1. Daniella says:

    It sounds like you had such a Greg time. I love cocktails and this kind of event sounds right up my street!

  2. I got distracted by Andy! he is lovely x

  3. Looks like a great evening. I never knew there were different types of rum! Maybe my (very) little hometown could do with a Tiki bar!

  4. RyanJ says:

    Did you get any insight into what makes the different rums different? I thought rum mostly came from sugar cane, but I don’t know if that’s true for all rum.

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