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Use your time well.

So, September came and went rather quickly, didn’t it? And with it, my least productive month on the blog for ages and ages. Despite the dust that’s gathering here, I’m working hard. I’ve been having meetings about my grand plans for … Read More

Blogging advice for August.

It’s August tomorrow, and that means one thing in the UK blogging world—a quiet month. Every year, towards the end of July, stats tend to drop as people leave for summer holidays or just read fewer blogs because they’ve got … Read More

How I’m making time for creativity.

Following on from my Creativity Blog Hop post, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I wrote about wanting to prioritise being creative. About finding the time to try new things, to study, and to develop my skills in the … Read More

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A Covent Garden Experience: Part Two

I started the tale of my day with the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers last week, when I shared my photographs from the New Covent Garden Flower Market. Today, I’m going to continue with Part Two; making a hand-tied bouquet. … Read More

Six great ways to learn.

Learning new things will always be a passion of mine. Recently, I’ve tried my hand at spoon carving and floristry, amongst other things. I like nothing better than a full day of immersion in a new activity. But that’s not … Read More

Ten things I learnt at Blognix

So, it was Blognix on Saturday, and although I’ve written one post that relates to it already, it’s taken me until now to fully go through all my notes, process what I’ve learnt and what actions I need to take … Read More

Five Signs You’re a Multipotentialite.

At the brilliant Blognix on Saturday, the crowd were introduced to the word ‘multipotentialite’ by Emma Cossey, freelance presenter extraordinaire.  Emma and I chatted about hearing of the term from the very person who coined it in the first place, Emilie … Read More

Ten ways to keep exercise motivation.

Yesterday, I went on my first run in a fortnight. Generally speaking, I exercise for two reasons. One, because I feel like it legitimises my desire to eat cake. And two, so I have a decent base level of fitness … Read More

Spoon Carving with Hatchet + Bear

In my most melodramatic of moments, I wonder how society will cope in the event of some kind of disaster. How we’ll regroup, grow again as a society. Who will have the knowledge we need to survive. It’s one of … Read More

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