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Margot and Barbara blog. A return to old blogging.

Returning to an old way of blogging.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you might have noticed something of an accidental shift in subject matter. In my head, Wednesdays have become ‘Over-Sharing Wednesdays’ … When I first started writing my blog, roughly five years … Read More

Why my whole life isn’t a mess.

So, here’s today’s truth. I feel good. Really, properly good. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat good. Not much has changed, in the grand scheme of things. But yet everything has … I’ll try to explain. Throughout the recent few months, … Read More

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Rethinking forty.

I shall be forty in June. You know this already, of course, because I’ve been rattling on about turning forty, since I turned–ooh, I don’t know–about thirty-five. And I talk about forty as though it is ninety. OHMYGODFORTY. Like that. … Read More

Sometimes it hurts.

It was listening to ‘our’ song on the radio last week that made me realise that I wasn’t quite finishing grieving the end of my last relationship. I’ve been doing really well most of the time. Being positive, moving forward, … Read More

Learning how to be single.

Until this summer, I haven’t been single since I was fourteen. My first teenage relationship lasted three years, until I went to college. After that, I lurched haphazardly from one bad decision to another in a series of short flings … Read More

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Learning from rejection.

I’ve been feeling the pains of rejection recently. Within the last month, I’ve been turned down for two jobs. And, not so long ago, my boyfriend ended our relationship. Needless to say, it’s been tough. I’ve eaten a lot of … Read More

The Do Book Co make great books to turn you from a thinker into a doer!

The Do Book Co: book review

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about my Do Books for ages. Clearly I need to take the advice of the Do people and erm … do it. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, now actually feels like the perfect time … Read More

Lark Skincare

A Nourishing Year: February’s review

Well, we’re half way through March and I’m only just writing about February. I’m claiming that I’ve spent the past fortnight reflecting on what happened, but really I’m just trying not to admit that time is slipping past me at … Read More

Crafting with Carpetright

Crafting with Carpetright

I find it really easy to say that I’m going to try and be more creative. To make more time for exploring different arts and crafts and to learn – finally – how to use a sewing machine. But putting … Read More

A Nourishing Year: Intentions for January

So, I started my January full of intentions for a nourishing year. The problem is, I had so much enthusiasm for committing myself, I’ve been trying to fit in a year of activities all at once! I’ve been worrying about … Read More

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