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What am I good at? (Or, starting a podcast…)

A few things have converged in recent weeks that have had the combined effect of making me look closely at what’s next for me, in terms of how I make a living. It’s the time of year for setting performance … Read More

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Who do you blog for?

I’ve had a month of completing Susannah Conway’s April Love prompts, here on my blog and over on my Instagram account. It’s been a beautiful, reflective and immersive experience and I’ve enjoyed finding moments to think about each subject and to … Read More

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Dear … Elizabeth (April Love #30)

Dear … Elizabeth, Well, I’ve written to past you and future you, and now we complete the circle with a letter from me to you (me!) to have a chat about what’s going on right now. I’ve been a bit … Read More

Dear … heart (April Love #26)

Dear … heart, It’s a miracle that you haven’t closed yourself off forever, given the turmoil of the past few years. Just this week, you and I have realised that there is possibility for love in our future. A handful … Read More

Dear … money (April Love # 19)

Dear … money, This is supposed to be a love letter and yet, I usually feel like I need to hide away from you. We have a complicated relationship and perhaps it’s time to get some things out in the … Read More

Dear … courage (April Love #14)

Dear … courage, I think that you and I are pretty well acquainted, these days. I’ve called on you a lot. From doing a presentation at work to sending that first message on a dating website, you’re constantly within me. … Read More

Dear … rest (April Love #7)

Dear … rest, At the moment, when I think of you, I think of a very specific kind of rest: the rest from running that I’ve been ordered to take for six weeks. As of today, that’s five weeks … … Read More

Dear … books (April Love #6)

  Dear … books, When I first saw this prompt, I grinned. It seemed like the easiest thing in the world to write a love letter to you, books. But now I’ve started, I realise that it’s perhaps the hardest. … Read More

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