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Simply Swim: swimming costume review

On Sunday we took the kids swimming for the first time in ages. Although both of them have done toddler swimming sessions, my daughter struggled when she started swimming lessons properly. She’s so slim (as a result of her premature … Read More

A Day in Alnwick

I took the day off work for my birthday treat and we drove up to Alnwick in Northumberland. My main aim for the day was to pay a visit to Barter Books, one of the largest second hand bookshops in … Read More

Pashley Princess Sovereign

Yesterday was test ride day. After consulting the whole world, the bike I have ended up ordering is the Pashley Princess Sovereign, in Buckingham Black. Before we entered the shop I was having doubts about whether it was the right … Read More

Cookbook Challenge

Recently I made the rather startling discovery that I’ve amassed a collection of 64 cookbooks. They sit on shelves in the kitchen and sitting room gathering dust, while I reach for a jar of pesto again and again. Cookbooks are … Read More

World Book Night

It’s World Book Night! I’ve been looking forward to this day for ages. World Book Night is a joyful celebration of books and reading and Book Givers will be handing out free copies of one of 25 books within their … Read More

CubbyKit: Space Themed Crafts.

We got our first CubbyKit recently, and spent a few days happily working our way through the activities. CubbyKit is a monthly subscription service. You pay to receive a themed box of craft activities each month, delivered to your door … Read More

Book Shopping.

I seem to have accidentally boycotted Amazon. No great announcement has been made that I will never shop with them again. Far from it, I know that I will, and that I’ll be happy about it, but I’m still on … Read More

The Half Hour Allotment: making the most of every visit.

The worst has happened. I have new allotment neighbours. Ok, that’s not the worst that could happen. Far from it. In fact, it’s perfectly fine. I just have one tiny problem with new allotment neighbours, and that is their sheer … Read More

On Mothering Sunday

On Mothering Sunday, I would like the following: To say thank you to my lovely, amazing mother, mother-in-law and grandmother for all their love, support and all round brilliance. I am proud and very fortunate to be related to such … Read More

Handbag Contents: What does a blogger carry?

I’ve seen quite a few of these posts over the years. The bag contents of bloggers are neatly laid out for us all to peruse and everything is chic, well designed and organised. So, feeling a bit inspired by this, I … Read More

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