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How to find your blogging tribe.

In a recent post, I talked about making friends as an adult. This week, I’m going to chat about making blogger friends.  The first time you write a post and hit the ‘publish’ button is a scary thing, but finding … Read More

Three Good Things #16

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Three Good Things, a weekly series of the small things that bring joy to my life. One North Star Coffee. We bought five bags of coffee beans from North Star Micro Roasters, the first … Read More

Three Good Things #15

Hello and welcome to Three Good Things, my regular series celebrating the small things that bring me joy each week. Find out more about the series here. One The first exciting thing this week is the arrival of my long-awaited … Read More

Clothes Audit: A Minimalist’s Wardrobe

  It all started at Minimalist Club, when one of our group happened to mention that she’d had a wardrobe purge since our last meeting and given away some of her old jeans to charity. Seventy-four pairs of jeans, to … Read More

Growing Dahlias from Seed.

Gardeners are an optimistic bunch. We moan about the weather, but rain or shine, we’re optimistic. We must be because we keep going back for more! Despite year after year of failure with cauliflowers, I’d still love to grow the … Read More

Floral Focus: Hellebore

Hellebores really are fabulous. They pretend to be shy, unassuming plants, but, up close, the flowers are astonishing. Their bright, often-spotted petals are in fact really ‘sepals’ which are the tough outer coating of flower bud, with the petals themselves … Read More

Welcome to my new site!

  Hello, and welcome to the new version of Margot and Barbara… As I mentioned in my last post before moving over from—and as you can see above— I’ve painted my new logo myself. I wanted something that would … Read More

My blog is moving!

Hello everyone. After far too much deliberation, this week I am starting the process of converting my blog to a self-hosted site. The new site will still be Margot & Barbara and you’ll still be able to find it … Read More

The Latte Factor.

I first read about David Bach’s ‘The Latte Factor‘ through Guy Kawasaki on Twitter (who, incidentally, you should follow, he shares great stuff) and I’ve spent the weekend thinking it over. The Latte Factor, for those of you who don’t … Read More

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