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A new job and a new mindset

I got a new job. It’s a great job. I’ll be doing it for a year, and then who knows what’s next. I’m excited about it. It’s interesting – to me, anyway – that I’ve been searching for a really … Read More

Getting older but getting fitter.

I’m a big believer in personal velocity; the idea that we all reach our true peak at a time unique to us. The world may tell us that our physical peak is in our youth, while the sexual peak for … Read More

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Hello again.

Hello. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I think that I’m probably supposed to launch straight into this post without any acknowledgement of the fact I’ve been away for seven whole months, but I’ve never been one for blogging according … Read More

My first days of forty…

So, by the time you read this I’ll be in Iceland. Finally. And getting naked, as planned. Turning forty has been something that–if you’ve been reading this blog a while– you’ll know that I’ve had as a giant landmark moment … Read More

What am I good at? (Or, starting a podcast…)

A few things have converged in recent weeks that have had the combined effect of making me look closely at what’s next for me, in terms of how I make a living. It’s the time of year for setting performance … Read More

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Who do you blog for?

I’ve had a month of completing Susannah Conway’s April Love prompts, here on my blog and over on my Instagram account. It’s been a beautiful, reflective and immersive experience and I’ve enjoyed finding moments to think about each subject and to … Read More

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Dear … Elizabeth (April Love #30)

Dear … Elizabeth, Well, I’ve written to past you and future you, and now we complete the circle with a letter from me to you (me!) to have a chat about what’s going on right now. I’ve been a bit … Read More

Dear … heart (April Love #26)

Dear … heart, It’s a miracle that you haven’t closed yourself off forever, given the turmoil of the past few years. Just this week, you and I have realised that there is possibility for love in our future. A handful … Read More

Dear … money (April Love # 19)

Dear … money, This is supposed to be a love letter and yet, I usually feel like I need to hide away from you. We have a complicated relationship and perhaps it’s time to get some things out in the … Read More

Dear … courage (April Love #14)

Dear … courage, I think that you and I are pretty well acquainted, these days. I’ve called on you a lot. From doing a presentation at work to sending that first message on a dating website, you’re constantly within me. … Read More

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