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Beautiful home grown apples

Renewing my allotment vows.

  Just over a year ago, I dug up four apple trees, put them into a Nissan Micra and drove them across Leeds. I’m not sure I recommend it–the lack of visibility when driving with four small trees in your … Read More

Beautiful autumn flower bouquet

Appleyard Flowers.

I’m delighted to share photos of these beautiful Autumn-hued flowers with you today, courtesy of Appleyard London. When they got in touch to ask if I’d like to review some flowers as they begin to send flowers for Grandparents’ Day … Read More

How to grow gooseberries

Grow & Eat: Gooseberries

It’s the latest in my occasional series, Grow & Eat. Today it’s the turn of that rather maligned fruit, the gooseberry. Grow: You might think that I’m rather late to be talking about gooseberries. On the contrary, from the late … Read More

Using technology to make your home greener.

I’ve been learning a lot about ‘The Internet of Things’ recently. Sounds like something that I’d hear about in an episode of Tomorrow’s World. Remember that? I loved that show… Actually, The Internet of Things–in a nutshell–is the technology (electronics, … Read More

How to get tomatoes to ripen

Grow & Eat: Tomatoes

In today’s instalment of my Grow and Eat series, I’m really excited to have a guest blogger – Stephanie from ‘Life at 139a’ is here to talk about tomatoes! Stephanie is a blogger who lives in South London and has … Read More

How to grow your own garlic and some recipe ides for eating it!

Grow and Eat: Garlic

Home gown cherries

Grow & Eat: Cherries

I’m really happy to introduce a guest blogger onto my Grow & Eat series. Vicki Munro is an Art Director by day and a letterpress printer by night and she grows cherries on a wonderful sounding plot in Tadcaster. Over … Read More

Picking and eating food straight from the allotment is joyful.

An allotment supper

Ages ago, my friend Jo and I concocted a plan. A project. We called it Sage & Thrift. It was all about wanting to build a community around living slowly and seasonally. We wanted to share, rather than buy things. … Read More

How to grow broad beans - and a few great recipe ideas!

Grow & Eat: Broad Beans.

It’s pretty clear to me that I’m no food writer – my brain seizes up when I try to write about food, and I end up turning to tired food clichés and most loathed words (‘moist’ being the one in … Read More

Five Simple Ways to Reconnect with Nature

Simple ways to reconnect with nature.

Eleanor from Creative Countryside is my guest writer here today. We have lots of similar ideas about life, and so I’m really happy to have her lovely writing on my blog. She’s going to share some simple but perfect ideas … Read More

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