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How to grow gooseberries

Grow & Eat: Gooseberries

It’s the latest in my occasional series, Grow & Eat. Today it’s the turn of that rather maligned fruit, the gooseberry. Grow: You might think that I’m rather late to be talking about gooseberries. On the contrary, from the late … Read More

Home gown cherries

Grow & Eat: Cherries

I’m really happy to introduce a guest blogger onto my Grow & Eat series. Vicki Munro is an Art Director by day and a letterpress printer by night and she grows cherries on a wonderful sounding plot in Tadcaster. Over … Read More

Picking and eating food straight from the allotment is joyful.

An allotment supper

Ages ago, my friend Jo and I concocted a plan. A project. We called it Sage & Thrift. It was all about wanting to build a community around living slowly and seasonally. We wanted to share, rather than buy things. … Read More

How to grow broad beans - and a few great recipe ideas!

Grow & Eat: Broad Beans.

It’s pretty clear to me that I’m no food writer – my brain seizes up when I try to write about food, and I end up turning to tired food clichés and most loathed words (‘moist’ being the one in … Read More

World's best grilled cheese sandwich

Food for One.

Living as a lone adult for a few months has been a big learning experience for me, as ridiculous as that might sound. At the age of 38, I’ve never lived alone before, moving from home to college to marriage, … Read More

My First Allotment Crop of 2014

  Because 2013 was a pretty disorganised year for me, I didn’t manage to plant or sow anything apart from over-wintering garlic. Had I needed to eat solely from my allotment, the ‘hungry gap’ would have been a very long … Read More

George & Joseph cheesemongers, Leeds.

It’s safe to say that avoiding supermarkets is a lot easier if you have brilliant local alternatives. Specialist shops might mean that you need to go from place to place rather than buying everything from under one roof, but the … Read More

The Weekend Pages #2

Welcome to week two of The Weekend Pages, in which I share my online searches. Recently, I’ve been gazing at perfect table settings and thinking about creating my own. Making time for friends is an important goal for me this year. I’d … Read More

Food, Glorious Food: BEDN #4

I’m starting to type this post with a stomach full of fluffy oven-baked potato, lashings of butter, a spot of parmesan and cracked black pepper, and a glass of red wine. Simple food, cooked with love, and completely perfect for … Read More

Something I made: BEDN #2

Today’s #BEDN prompt made me ponder a while. I could have written about new friends I’d made perhaps, or my two babies, but I thought I’d stick to a traditional ‘making’ post. Sadly, my craft skills are currently limited to … Read More

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