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Le Tour de France: Your Very Basic Guide.

Le Tour de France is coming to Yorkshire! For those of us who are long time followers of the Tour, this is exciting news. Cycling has been growing in popularity in the UK for a number of years now, and … Read More

Spoon Carving with Hatchet + Bear

In my most melodramatic of moments, I wonder how society will cope in the event of some kind of disaster. How we’ll regroup, grow again as a society. Who will have the knowledge we need to survive. It’s one of … Read More

A solo cycle tour and other adventures.

  Later this morning, once all the panniers are packed and final checks made, my lovely boyfriend will be setting off on a solo cycle tour. He’ll make his way South towards the ferry for Spain and onwards. He plans … Read More

Wild Swimming and Body Confidence.

  Last week, on our microadventure, I braved the cold for my first wild swim. I’m not a terribly strong swimmer and in the past, I’ve definitely preferred my water chlorinated and clear to the bottom of the swimming pool, … Read More

A one night adventure.

        Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a talk by the adventurer Alistair Humphreys. How amazing to be able to say that ‘adventurer’ is your job title! The talk was at Newby Hall, as part … Read More

The Weekend Pages #2

Welcome to week two of The Weekend Pages, in which I share my online searches. Recently, I’ve been gazing at perfect table settings and thinking about creating my own. Making time for friends is an important goal for me this year. I’d … Read More

Apple Day and Countryside Live.

Apple Day is one of my favourite annual events, first launched by Common Ground back in 1990. Celebrating the rich variety of apples we have in this country, ‘local distinctiveness’, landscape, ecology and the importance of provenance and traceability in … Read More

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Oxfordshire.

On Sunday night, I had the great fortune to stay at The Bear and Ragged Staff, in Oxfordshire. Last weekend was another ‘Micra Adventure‘. We’d had a great weekend and on Sunday night, at about 6pm, we found ourselves with … Read More

Take your holiday back home…

This post was originally titled ‘how to steal things from your holiday’ but I thought you might worry I had criminal tendencies… Do you ever come back from holiday determined to bring something home with you? I don’t mean literally … Read More

The Bivouac

I promised a review of The Bivouac, and finally, here it is! The Bivouac is a selection of yurts, log cabins and a bunk barn, just outside Masham in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, with a cafe and small shop. Just … Read More

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