The Do Book Co make great books to turn you from a thinker into a doer!

The Do Book Co: book review

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about my Do Books for ages. Clearly I need to take the advice of the Do people and erm … do it. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, now actually feels like the perfect time … Read More

Home gown cherries

Grow & Eat: Cherries

I’m really happy to introduce a guest blogger onto my Grow & Eat series. Vicki Munro is an Art Director by day and a letterpress printer by night and she grows cherries on a wonderful sounding plot in Tadcaster. Over … Read More

Picking and eating food straight from the allotment is joyful.

An allotment supper

Ages ago, my friend Jo and I concocted a plan. A project. We called it Sage & Thrift. It was all about wanting to build a community around living slowly and seasonally. We wanted to share, rather than buy things. … Read More

Margot and Barbara blog: Trakke bumbag is perfect for travelling and outdoor adventures.

Trakke bag review.

On our recent trip to Copenhagen, I spent a lot of time people-watching. The city is awash with stylish people and minimalist style is really popular; pared-down clothes, neutral colour palettes and lots of New Balance trainers to cope with … Read More

Rob Ryan's new exhibition 'Listen to the World' is now showing at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Image copyright Rob Ryan.

Rob Ryan at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

On Thursday evening, I had the great pleasure of listening to Rob Ryan (the artist most widely known for his paper-cutting and screen-printing work) talk about his career to date. Although, as he acknowledged, he’s not the most comfortable of … Read More

How to grow broad beans - and a few great recipe ideas!

Grow & Eat: Broad Beans.

It’s pretty clear to me that I’m no food writer – my brain seizes up when I try to write about food, and I end up turning to tired food clichés and most loathed words (‘moist’ being the one in … Read More

Five Simple Ways to Reconnect with Nature

Simple ways to reconnect with nature.

Eleanor from Creative Countryside is my guest writer here today. We have lots of similar ideas about life, and so I’m really happy to have her lovely writing on my blog. She’s going to share some simple but perfect ideas … Read More

Six Ways to Save Money on your Copenhagen Adventure!

Six ways to save money in Copenhagen.

  Before we went to Copenhagen, we were constantly hearing about it being an expensive place to visit. Given that the whole of Scandinavia is at the top of my travel wish list, I was getting a bit anxious before … Read More

A black and white portrait of Elizabeth from Margot & Barbara blog

An Ordinary Blogger.

The United Nations projects that the global population will reach 7.325 billion people next month. 7.325 billion people. Out of that number, there’s a large number for whom the key needs for life – food, safety, shelter, family – are … Read More

Susan Sontag travel quote: I'm changing my blog!

Prioritising travel.

    Last week, I wrote a 40 by 40 list with a difference, and it was quite eye-opening to me. Apart from a handful of major exceptions (not least of which was having two children!) the bulk of the … Read More

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