How to live a longer life.

Ok, so the title of this post is a tiny bit misleading… It should really be called “How to feel as though you’re living a longer life.’ Because I’m going to let you into a trick that I use. And … Read More

Dear … courage (April Love #14)

Dear … courage, I think that you and I are pretty well acquainted, these days. I’ve called on you a lot. From doing a presentation at work to sending that first message on a dating website, you’re constantly within me. … Read More

Dear … rest (April Love #7)

Dear … rest, At the moment, when I think of you, I think of a very specific kind of rest: the rest from running that I’ve been ordered to take for six weeks. As of today, that’s five weeks … … Read More

Dear … books (April Love #6)

  Dear … books, When I first saw this prompt, I grinned. It seemed like the easiest thing in the world to write a love letter to you, books. But now I’ve started, I realise that it’s perhaps the hardest. … Read More

Dear … intuition (April Love #5)

Dear … intuition. If I’m honest, I know that I have spent a large proportion of my life not listening to you. Probably because I’ve been so focussed on plans, external guidance, doing what I think the world expects me … Read More

Dear … morning (April Love #4)

    Dear … morning. These days, you tend to start in two ways. I’m woken either by the incessant noise of my alarm, getting me up earlier than everyone else in the house, or I’m lucky enough to wake … Read More

Saltwater sandals, Chanel Dragon nail polish

Dear … feet (April Love #3)

Dear … feet,   I have a confession to make, feet. Until this week, I thought you were a size smaller than you actually are. I realise that by now, I should know this kind of thing. I mean, it’s … Read More

Lovely hydrangea display

Dear … home. (April Love #2)

  Dear … home, In my dreams, home, I can see you. Warm and cosy, but with enough room for the three of us, and all our books. Filled with light and flowers in the spring and twinkling lights in … Read More

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