Prioritising travel.


Susan Sontag travel quote: I'm changing my blog!


Last week, I wrote a 40 by 40 list with a difference, and it was quite eye-opening to me. Apart from a handful of major exceptions (not least of which was having two children!) the bulk of the list related to travel. My travelling adventures and experiences have been the clear highlights of my life so far. And that’s despite quite a lot of them feeling very much like ‘ways I got into trouble’…

I’ve been trying to be more minimalist for a while now and have long known that experiences matter to me more than possessions. However, it’s really become apparent just how important it is to me that I travel more. If I was to spend the rest of my life doing my own thing, it’d be a gorgeous, fragrant mix of making skincare, reading books, spending time in the outdoors and seeing the world.

When my boyfriend cycled from Leeds to Morocco last summer, the kids and I put a world map on the kitchen wall, so we could track his progress. Not only did it help the kids maintain their relationship with him, but it developed their curiosity. They’re desperate to travel now. Even though they are still quite young, our conversations about the world – language, currency, religion, flags, sights and experiences – seem to be pretty advanced. I didn’t know the capital of Iceland, or how to say hello in Maori when I was six! So not only do I want to travel more, I want to share the world with my children.

If I’m honest, the only way we can afford to travel the world is by saving money elsewhere. So to paraphrase one of my favourite TED talks ever, we need to sell our stuff to enable us to follow our dreams. Handy that I’m trying to be more minimalist, eh? We’re also going to need to keep to a budget – not  one of my strong points, but I’m going for it.

But how then to make my environmental ethics fit with my desire to get on a plane? Well, there are people who spent their entire lives trying to square this circle, but it’s something I will continue to mull over and share with you.

I suppose this ramble is rather a long winded way of telling myself – and you – that my life, and therefore this blog, will have more travel in it. I’m not going to set up another blog for travel, tempting though that is, because I think my regular readers have got used to me going off on flights of fancy, trying new things, stopping again, etc etc. So we’ll just stick with this one. I’ll still be posting the usual stuff too – but you might just notice a travel-biased shift.

So – making skincare, reading books, spending time in the great outdoors and travelling the world. That’ll do…


One blogger who did set up a second travel blog is the wonderful Elizabeth: do have a look at Awesome Wave.

Also have a look at my Pinterest and Instagram, both of which have some of my travel images – and see where I’m hoping to go next!

And finally, have a look at The Art of Non-Conformity and see how Chris Guillebeau travel-hacked his way to every country in the world…



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  1. Annie says:

    Ah I love this passion for travelling. I think one of the biggest lures for me blogging wise is the temptation to re-brand each time I have a new focus or passion. I still do it even now but think I am getting better at nipping it in the bud.
    I can’t wait to read more about your latest travels (not that I have been stalking you on instagram – MUCH)
    Annie recently posted…Monastery of Tsambika (Tsampika) , RhodesMy Profile

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