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Margot and Barbara blog: self portrait

Rethinking forty.

I shall be forty in June. You know this already, of course, because I’ve been rattling on about turning forty, since I turned–ooh, I don’t know–about thirty-five. And I talk about forty as though it is ninety. OHMYGODFORTY. Like that. … Read More

Beautiful home grown apples

Renewing my allotment vows.

  Just over a year ago, I dug up four apple trees, put them into a Nissan Micra and drove them across Leeds. I’m not sure I recommend it–the lack of visibility when driving with four small trees in your … Read More

These women…

Although it’s been away from our screens for a few years now, I still love The West Wing very much. One of the main reasons why is the brilliantly written women characters. The women of The West Wing are real. … Read More

Pretty pink tulips in Amsterdam

Falling in love with Amsterdam

Last weekend, I fell in love with Amsterdam. It’s so much more than I expected it to be. If you think of Amsterdam, what comes to mind first? Canals, perhaps? Tulips? Anne Frank’s house? Or perhaps you think of red … Read More

Sometimes it hurts.

It was listening to ‘our’ song on the radio last week that made me realise that I wasn’t quite finishing grieving the end of my last relationship. I’ve been doing really well most of the time. Being positive, moving forward, … Read More

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