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Six Ways to Save Money on your Copenhagen Adventure!

Six ways to save money in Copenhagen.

  Before we went to Copenhagen, we were constantly hearing about it being an expensive place to visit. Given that the whole of Scandinavia is at the top of my travel wish list, I was getting a bit anxious before … Read More

A black and white portrait of Elizabeth from Margot & Barbara blog

An Ordinary Blogger.

The United Nations projects that the global population will reach 7.325 billion people next month. 7.325 billion people. Out of that number, there’s a large number for whom the key needs for life – food, safety, shelter, family – are … Read More

Susan Sontag travel quote: I'm changing my blog!

Prioritising travel.

    Last week, I wrote a 40 by 40 list with a difference, and it was quite eye-opening to me. Apart from a handful of major exceptions (not least of which was having two children!) the bulk of the … Read More

Mary Oliver quote

A ’40 by 40 List’ with a difference.

It’s my birthday on Saturday. I shall be 39. One tiny little year until 4o appears. Ordinarily, by this point, I’d be frothing at the mouth and panicking about my life disappearing before my eyes without any kind of accomplishment. … Read More

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