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Halloween pumpkins and candles

The Green Indoors #3: Happy Hallowe’en!

Ok, I know it’s silly. But it’s still bringing the outdoors into my home… I drew this little owl with a Sharpie, after being inspired by some amazing designs on Instagram. I grew this fantastic white variety of pumpkin for … Read More

New allotment, in need of work!

Why I’m giving up my allotment.

At Leeds Minimalist Club last month, we talked about simplifying our lives. As I mentioned the other day, I’m really keen on focusing my time on the things that really matter to me, so simplifying is a great way to … Read More

Home grown dahlia!

The Green Indoors #2

One of the things I love about nature is the way that things gently drift from one season to the next. The flowers I have at home now are similar to the ones I shared with you last month, as … Read More

Use your time well.

So, September came and went rather quickly, didn’t it? And with it, my least productive month on the blog for ages and ages. Despite the dust that’s gathering here, I’m working hard. I’ve been having meetings about my grand plans for … Read More

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