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Spoon Carving with Hatchet + Bear

In my most melodramatic of moments, I wonder how society will cope in the event of some kind of disaster. How we’ll regroup, grow again as a society. Who will have the knowledge we need to survive. It’s one of … Read More

Three Good Things #20

Welcome to issue 20 of Three Good Things! I’ve been busy recently so this is a bit of a round-up of some of the fun things that I’ve been getting up to over the past week or so.   One.   … Read More

A solo cycle tour and other adventures.

  Later this morning, once all the panniers are packed and final checks made, my lovely boyfriend will be setting off on a solo cycle tour. He’ll make his way South towards the ferry for Spain and onwards. He plans … Read More

Three Good Things #19

It’s Wednesday which means it’s my weekly Three Good Things post, and this week I’m focussing on what’s happening on my allotment. It’s all too easy to get into a panic about what jobs need doing on the allotment at … Read More

Wild Swimming and Body Confidence.

  Last week, on our microadventure, I braved the cold for my first wild swim. I’m not a terribly strong swimmer and in the past, I’ve definitely preferred my water chlorinated and clear to the bottom of the swimming pool, … Read More

Three Good Things #18

Hurray for the weekly round-up of small things that have brought me happiness. It’s Three Good Things time! One Beautiful twine and cutting snips for my allotment. I found these in a local shop in the sale and put them away … Read More

Floral Focus: Bluebell

I love bluebell woods. They’re an important part of our natural heritage and such a stunning sight (and fragrance) when all the flowers are in bloom. One of around eleven different types, the British native bluebell, Hyacinthoides non-scripta (shown in the top … Read More

A one night adventure.

        Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of attending a talk by the adventurer Alistair Humphreys. How amazing to be able to say that ‘adventurer’ is your job title! The talk was at Newby Hall, as part … Read More

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