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Welcome to my new site!

  Hello, and welcome to the new version of Margot and Barbara… As I mentioned in my last post before moving over from—and as you can see above— I’ve painted my new logo myself. I wanted something that would … Read More

My blog is moving!

Hello everyone. After far too much deliberation, this week I am starting the process of converting my blog to a self-hosted site. The new site will still be Margot & Barbara and you’ll still be able to find it … Read More

The Latte Factor.

I first read about David Bach’s ‘The Latte Factor‘ through Guy Kawasaki on Twitter (who, incidentally, you should follow, he shares great stuff) and I’ve spent the weekend thinking it over. The Latte Factor, for those of you who don’t … Read More

Book Review: The Ivington Diaries

Books about learning to garden can be a bit repetitive. After all, there’s only a handful of ways to sow seeds. Books on gardens, however, are wonderful. This example from Monty Don, has captured my attention and really made me … Read More

Three Good Things #14

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Three Good Things! It’s been a few weeks since I did my regular round-up of the small things in my life that have brought happiness to my days. Not because there isn’t any happiness … Read More

Our urban green space.

Though it’s not officially spring yet, the area I live in has begun to change and the little green space opposite our flat has come alive. When we moved into the flat in November, the whole area was quiet, tucked … Read More

A week away from blogging.

I’ve just accidentally had a week away from blogging and for the first time in ages, felt completely fine about it. No anxiety. No little voice inside my head telling me I must write a blog post. Perhaps it was … Read More

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