Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sage & Thrift marmalade.

At the end of the month, we’ll be holding the second of our Sage & Thrift suppers – which we really need to rename because they’re actually in the afternoon – and I wanted to have a seasonal speciality to … Read More

Making Space for New Dreams.

Regular blog readers will know that I’m on a long-term de-cluttering exercise, and attempting to live something of a more minimalist lifestyle. As I work my way through my house, I have got to the point where I’m nearly rid … Read More

2013 Goodreads Challenge.

Instead of doing a ‘here are my plans for 2013’ kind of post, I thought I’d write a handful of posts about individual things I’d like to do with my year. Today’s subject is my reading goal. Last year, I … Read More

On Smoking.

I was going to start my 2013 blog posts with one about my plans for the year, but then I got a bit side-tracked by listening to a radio show about the most common New Year resolutions people make. Unsurprisingly, … Read More

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