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Slow Travel

I’ve long been a fan of train travel. Partly because I’m quite scared of flying and partly because I’m drawn to the history and romance of rail (even though the commuting reality can be somewhat different!) it’s been my favourite … Read More

A Hospital Bubble

I was in hospital last week. My daughter was ill. Thankfully, it was easily treatable and she started to recover almost the moment we arrived. Now, watching her dance around the room, it’s hard to believe she was ever poorly … Read More

Lomi Lomi

Recently, I had the best massage of my life at Lomi Massage Leeds. I’ve taken a while to write this post because I wanted to be sure of myself before I wrote about it. You see, the massage therapist is … Read More

Pennies for Piggies

Allotment Gardening: A Fresh Start

I wrote last week about the struggle to keep our allotment going and my decision to ask my Mum to be our partner. This week was our first session on the site together. The first thing Mum said once she’d … Read More

Believe in People

My sister in law once bought me a mug that I loved. Partly because it was a Rob Ryan mug. I love the combination of whimsy and melancholy that seems to run through his beautifully created paper cuts and so … Read More

Simply Swim: swimming costume review

On Sunday we took the kids swimming for the first time in ages. Although both of them have done toddler swimming sessions, my daughter struggled when she started swimming lessons properly. She’s so slim (as a result of her premature … Read More

Allotment Gardening: A Change of Plans

This year my husband and I have really been struggling with the allotment. Despite best-laid plans and use of the Half Hour Allotment book, the combination of the weather and our other responsibilities has worked against us. The beans and … Read More

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