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Pashley Princess Sovereign

Choosing a New Bike.

I’m in the process of choosing a new bike, and I need your help! Although I would really love a stable of bikes, so that I’d have one for every eventuality (wouldn’t we all?) I need to start with one. … Read More

Cookbook Challenge

Recently I made the rather startling discovery that I’ve amassed a collection of 64 cookbooks. They sit on shelves in the kitchen and sitting room gathering dust, while I reach for a jar of pesto again and again. Cookbooks are … Read More

Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve won a Versatile Blog Award! I’ve been nominated twice for this award in recent weeks, and due to my extreme tardiness, am only getting around to writing this post now. So, a huge apology is required to the lovely … Read More

Yves Rocher Skincare Review

Yves Rocher is a company that’s been in my peripheral vision for a long time. It’s the number one skin care brand in France, and that’s where I’ve seen it on sale when I’ve been on holiday, so I’ve not … Read More

One Night Away.

Occasionally I have to travel with my job and stay overnight in a hotel. Never fancy (and rightly so, I’m not on holiday!) the hotels are always clean, safe, centrally located and very, very anonymous. The kind of hotel where … Read More

A Weekend in Cambridge

Our main reason for going to Cambridge for the weekend was a visit to the Scott Polar Research Institute. My husband has long been fascinated by Captain Scott and I’m sure he’s becoming something of an expert on the subject … Read More

Running Without Music

Recently, I wrote my first guest post for a fabulous blog, A Hell of A Woman, about running and pre-eclampsia. Since I wrote it, I’ve been feeling a bit of a fraud, considering that I can count on one hand … Read More

Coffee in Rome and in Leeds

I used to think that I didn’t like coffee. I’m a tea drinker, and although I love the smell of coffee, the taste has always disappointed, often bitter and with a lingering aftertaste that I hated.  It turns out that … Read More

My 35:35 Challenge: A Month to Go…

As I write this, there is a month to go until my self-imposed 35:35 Challenge deadline and it’s looking as though I might not complete it, as I have eight challenges left, and not many ideas booked in, or much … Read More

Kayaking on Coniston Water

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything physical for my 35:35 Challenge and I’ve really missed it. Thankfully, my friends are fabulous, and so last Wednesday, I tried my hand at kayaking on Coniston Water in the Lake District. … Read More

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