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Allotment Essentials!

One of my Barbara-like hobbies is my beloved allotment and today I took possession of the one thing every parenting allotment-holder needs. No, not a shed. Nor a polytunnel, although it has to be said, one is on the wishlist. … Read More

35:35 Challenge…

Well. I’ll be thirty five years old in a fortnight. Although it’s not old, obviously, it’s a bit of a watershed for me. I’ve managed what I consider to be the big things – marriage, kid, mortgage. I even have … Read More

The Hepworth Opening Weekend.

Today we braved the blustery weather and went to the opening weekend of the Hepworth in Wakefield, a major brand new gallery space to showcase the work of Wakefield born sculptress Barbara Hepworth. It’s an incredible building; dramatic, dark, imposing … Read More

Action for Happiness

I was recently introduced to¬†Action for Happiness. You may have seen the BBC Breakfast programme about it in January. This is a movement of people committed to building a happier society, where people care less about what they can get … Read More

Being Present.

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who find that my mind can race when I’ve started thinking about something new; a new subject to pursue, business idea or project to develop. This is fine if your day is … Read More

Learning Styles and the Reasons for Learning.

It is well documented that everyone prefers to learn a different way. Some prefer to learn by doing, others by watching someone else. I have two preferred methods. Firstly, I like to undertake my own research. Then, once I’ve done … Read More

An introduction…

Hello there, Margot and Barbara is the distillation of many hours spent trying to make sense of my giant, sprawling list of interests. I’m a scanner. Multipotentialite. Dilettante. Whatever. What that means is that I will never find the perfect … Read More

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